Desert Island Discworld

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Desert Island Discworld
Hosted byAl Kennedy
Audio formatmp3
No. of seasons8
No. of episodes50
Original release24 November 2019 – 24 November 2023
Related showsHouse to Astonish
Support pagePatreon

Publisher Description

A weekly interview podcast about the works of Terry Pratchett and the people who read them, with host Al Kennedy. One guest, one book, four elephants, one turtle.

Further Information


  • Host Al asks the episode's guest which Terry Pratchett book they would like to take with them if they were stuck on a desert island, and discusses it with them in an informal chat which is also an interview about their life and work.
  • The podcast is released in seasons of six episodes, though later seasons have seven or eight episodes; the additional ones are the result of goals reached by the podcast's Patreon campaign.


  • The title (and to a lesser extent the format) is inspired by the long-running BBC Radio program Desert Island Discs. Terry Pratchett appeared on the show in February 1997[1], naming his top pick as Steeleye Span's "Thomas the Rhymer". The show's opposite is Room 101.
  • The podcast's tagline is also inspired by Desert Island Discs, which describes the things guests (referred to as "castaways") can take with them: "Eight tracks,[2] a book and a luxury: what would you take to a desert island? Guests share the soundtrack of their lives."
  • The seventh season of the podcast was released in two "blocks" of four episodes, "just like Stranger Things, except in two blocks of four!", as the Twitter account announced.[3]
  • The seventh season ended with the podcast having covered every Discworld novel except for Eric and The Shepherd's Crown, along with many other of Pratchett's works. The following “Season 7A” will have at least two special episodes; the first covers Eric, and the second, released on the anniversary of The Colour of Magic, invites guest Marc Burrows to interview Al before discussing The Shepherd's Crown.
  • The fifth podcast to discuss every Discworld novel, after Radio Morpork, The Death of Podcasts, Wyrd Sisters and The Compleat Discography.



The table below indexes episodes of this podcast. They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme as well as an overall episode number for easy reference.

# S E Episode Date Guest Book Episode link DW#[4]
1 1 1 “Kieron Gillen and Small Gods” 2019-11-24 Kieron Gillen Small Gods Website 13
2 1 2 “Amal El-Mohtar and Equal Rites” 2019-12-01 Amal El-Mohtar Equal Rites Website 3
3 1 3 “Alan Trotter and Pyramids” 2019-12-08 Alan Trotter Pyramids Website 7
4 1 4 “Grant Howitt and Witches Abroad” 2019-12-15 Grant Howitt Witches Abroad Website 12
5 1 5 “Kelly Kanayama and Lords and Ladies” 2019-12-22 Kelly Kanayama Lords and Ladies Website 14
6 1 6 “Cara Ellison and Hogfather” 2019-12-29 Cara Ellison Hogfather Website 20
7 2 1 “Gabby Hutchinson Crouch and Wyrd Sisters” 2020-03-22 Gabby Hutchinson Crouch Wyrd Sisters Website 6
8 2 2 “Nate Crowley and Guards! Guards!” 2020-03-29 Nate Crowley Guards! Guards! Website 8
9 2 3 “Jo Graham and The Colour of Magic” 2020-04-05 Jo Graham The Colour of Magic Website 1
10 2 4 “James D’Amato and The Wee Free Men” 2020-04-12 James D’Amato The Wee Free Men Website 30
11 2 5 “Alex Hern and Night Watch” 2020-04-19 Alex Hern Night Watch Website 29
12 2 6 “Hannah Nicklin and I Shall Wear Midnight” 2020-04-26 Hannah Nicklin I Shall Wear Midnight Website 38
13 3 1 “Tiernan Douieb and Mort” 2020-08-02 Tiernan Douieb Mort Website 4
14 3 2 “Andrew Wheeler and Maskerade” 2020-08-09 Andrew Wheeler Maskerade Website 18
15 3 3 “Claire Napier and Soul Music” 2020-08-16 Claire Napier Soul Music Website 16
16 3 4 “Helen O’Hara and Moving Pictures” 2020-08-23 Helen O’Hara Moving Pictures Website 10
17 3 5 “Alice Fraser and Men at Arms” 2020-08-30 Alice Fraser Men at Arms Website 15
18 3 6 “Séamas O’Reilly and Nation” 2020-09-06 Séamas O’Reilly Nation Website
19 4 1 “A L Kennedy and The Light Fantastic” 2020-11-01 A L Kennedy The Light Fantastic Website 2
20 4 2 “Kate Nyx and Monstrous Regiment” 2020-11-08 Kate Nyx Monstrous Regiment Website 31
21 4 3 “Marc Burrows and the Bromeliad” 2020-11-15 Marc Burrows The Bromeliad Website
22 4 4 “Bethany Black and Reaper Man” 2020-11-22 Bethany Black Reaper Man Website 11
23 4 5 “Aditya Bidikar and Going Postal” 2020-11-29 Aditya Bidikar Going Postal Website 33
24 4 6 “Patrick Rothfuss and Thud!” 2020-12-06 Patrick Rothfuss Thud! Website 34
25 4 7 “Jeremy Warmsley and The Carpet People” 2020-12-13 Jeremy Warmsley The Carpet People Website
26 5 1 “Alasdair Beckett-King and Snuff” 2021-04-25 Alasdair Beckett-King Snuff Website 39
27 5 2 “Dr Beth Singler and Feet of Clay” 2021-05-02 Beth Singler Feet of Clay Website 19
28 5 3 “Dave Powell and Unseen Academicals” 2021-05-09 Dave Powell Unseen Academicals Website 37
29 5 4 “Rachael Stott and Thief of Time” 2021-05-16 Rachael Stott Thief of Time Website 26
30 5 5 “Joanna Robinson and Wintersmith” 2021-05-23 Joanna Robinson Wintersmith Website 35
31 5 6 “Stuart Goldsmith and The Fifth Elephant” 2021-05-30 Stuart Goldsmith The Fifth Elephant Website 24
32 5 7 “Dottie James and A Hat Full of Sky” 2021-06-06 Dottie James A Hat Full of Sky Website 32
33 6 1 “Cory Doctorow and Making Money” 2021-10-24 Cory Doctorow Making Money Website 36
34 6 2 “Eleanor Morton and Carpe Jugulum” 2021-10-31 Eleanor Morton Carpe Jugulum Website 23
35 6 3 “Ali Plumb and The Truth” 2021-11-07 Ali Plumb The Truth Website 25
36 6 4 “John Rogers and Raising Steam” 2021-11-14 John Rogers Raising Steam Website 40
37 6 5 “Erica Henderson and The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents” 2021-11-21 Erica Henderson The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Website 28
38 6 6 “Louie Stowell and Good Omens” 2021-11-28 Louie Stowell Good Omens Website
39 6 7 “Neill Cameron and Sourcery” 2021-12-05 Neill Cameron Sourcery Website 5
40 6 8 “Diane Duane and Jingo” 2021-12-12 Diane Duane Jingo Website 21
41 7 1 “Kelli Butler and Thud!” 2022-08-14 Kelli Butler Thud! Website 34
42 7 2 “Roger Langridge and Dodger” 2022-08-21 Roger Langridge Dodger Website
43 7 3 “Max Zero and Interesting Times” 2022-08-28 Max Zero Interesting Times Website 17
44 7 4 “Hazel Southwell and Only You Can Save Mankind” 2022-09-04 Hazel Southwell Only You Can Save Mankind Website
45 7 5 “Mink Ette and The Last Continent” 2022-10-30 Mink Ette The Last Continent Website 22
46 7 6 “Humphrey Ker and the Discworld Games” 2022-11-06 Humphrey Ker Discworld; Discworld II: Missing, Presumed...?!; Discworld Noir Website
47 7 7 “Alasdair Stuart and The Last Hero” 2022-11-20 Alasdair Stuart The Last Hero Website 27
48 7 8 “Kat Brown and The Sea and Little Fishes” 2022-12-04 Kat Brown The Sea and Little Fishes Website
49 7A 1 “Discworld Podcasters and Eric” 2023-06-18 Ben and Liz from Pratchat
Joanna and Francine from The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret
János and Chaz from Who Watches the Watch
Eric Website 9
50 7A 2 “Al Kennedy and The Shepherd's Crown” 2023-11-24 Marc Burrows The Shepherd's Crown Website 41


  1. See the Terry Pratchett page for a link with details, but if you’re in a hurry, here's his episode on the BBC website.
  2. Clearly not a show set on the Discworld!
  3. A reference to the fourth season of Netflix show Stranger Things, which was released in two blocks of six and then two episodes. See this tweet.
  4. Sort by this column to get the episodes in Discworld publication order. (Non-Discworld books will have a blank entry in this column.)