The Bromeliad

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The Bromeliad, also called The Book of the Nomes, is a trilogy of middle grade novels. They chronicle the adventures of a group of Nomes - tiny humanoid creatures who live in the cracks of the modern human world - as they try to survive the destruction of their home. The main Nome characters in the books are Masklin, Grimma, Angalo, Gurder and Dorcas.


The Bromeliad comprises three novels:


  • Generally only the first book has been adapted, so see Truckers for details, but the most significant one is Truckers, a stop-motion animation television series produced by Cosgrove Hall. It was the first screen adaptation of Terry Pratchett's work.
  • The abridged audiobooks of all three novels, read by Tony Robinson, were the first released by Corgi in 1993. There are also unabridged Isis Audio Books versions read by Stephen Briggs published in 2004 and 2005. There’s no word yet on whether there will be new versions from Penguin Audio.

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