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This page indexes episodes of podcasts about the Discworld or Terry Pratchett which aren’t about a specific work, and aren’t from one of the podcasts we index here. If you make a podcast and have made an episode that would fit in here, please let us know!

“Pratchett-ish” podcasts - i.e. ones with regular or frequent Pratchett-related content, but a broader focus - are listed in their own section of the Pratchett Podcasts page.

Discworld episodes

These are episodes of podcasts which discuss the Discworld series or universe as a whole. For episodes of general podcasts about a specific Discworld book, short story or adaptation, see the page for that individual work.

Major appearances

Date Show[1] Theme[2] Episode Episode link Notes
2015-09-22 The Ouroboros The origins and inspiration of stories “Episode 1: The Discworld” podomatic.com
2018-08-16 Science fiction bokhandelns poddradio Science fiction and fantasy books “Queering Discworld - Livepodd @ Queercon” soundcloud.com In Swedish; recorded live at QueerCon as part of EuroPride 2018.
2019-09-25 Dave's Nerd Compendium Anything and everything a nerd would be into “E285: Discworld” podiant.co
2021-03-01 What Do You Like? Interests of guests “1. Maria Likes Discworld” rss.com
2021-06-04 Hyperfixations Interests of guests “7: Discworld with Tessa Swehla anchor.fm This episode was the origin of Nanny Ogg's Book Club.
2021-11-27 Media-eval Medieval pop culture from a historian’s perspective “Discworld” soundcloud.com
2022-05-18 Too Much Time On Our Hands Live-streamed “nerd” show “Discworld Audiobooks” soundcloud.com Interview with Rich from Penguin Random House.
2022-11-16 I Never Got Into That Pop culture fandoms “Discworld” buzzsprout.com
2023-02-07 Bookends With Friends Weekly book club “Episode 96: Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld” podbean.com
2023-03-09 Les Voix des Chapitres Genre fiction “Chapitre 5 : Premier Booktales - Terry Pratchett et le disque-monde” lepodcast.fr In French; this show’s first episode about a particular author/series.
2023-03-16 Hommage Collatéral Retrospectives of “pop culture geniuses” “Terry Pratchett : Entretien avec Patrick Couton” lepodcast.fr In French; interview with Discworld translator Patrick Couton.

Other appearances

These are episodes where the focus is not the Discworld, but there is some significant or interesting discussion of the books or world in general.

Date Show[1] Theme[2] Episode Episode link Notes
2022-12-27 SFF Addicts Sci-fi, fantasy and writing craft “What We’re Excited to Read in 2023 (with Fiction Fans Podcast & Connor M. Caplan)” anchor.fm Also mentions The Locked Tomb
2023-01-18 Stacks and Stories Podcast of the Mississippi Library Commission “A Brief Look at Not-So-Brief Series” podbean.com The main Discworld discussion starts at around 16m20s
2023-02-07 Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor Animation film industry news “When the Mouse almost made a movie version of Terry Pratchett’s “Mort”” podpage.com Pratchett films discussion starts around 18m40s[3]

Pratchett episodes

These are episodes of podcasts which discuss Pratchett's work in general (more broadly than just the Discworld), or even Pratchett himself. Again, for episodes about a specific book or other work, see that work's individual page.

Major appearances

Date Show[1] Theme[2] Episode Episode link Notes
2022-11-04 Hyperfixations Interests of guests “72: Terry Pratchett with Dave Rudden” anchor.fm Hosted by Nigel of Nanny Ogg's Book Club.
2023-02-25 Harry is a Poet An “audio archive” of the host’s poetry blog “#116 To Terry” anchor.fm A tribute to Terry, written in March 2015; read it here.

Other appearances

These are episodes where the focus is not Terry Pratchett, but there is some significant (or brief but interesting) discussion of him or his work.

Date Show[1] Theme[2] Episode Episode link Notes
2023-01-03 The Ryan Tubridy Show Daily radio show from Ireland “New Year Reading” rasset.ie Pratchett talk from around 13m50s mark
2023-02-03 Tall Tale TV Short sci-fi and fantasy fiction “Can A.I. Write Like Terry Pratchett?” pinecast.com Mostly a discussion of AI; features a “Terry Pratchett” story written by Chat GPT

Podcasts about Other Authors

These are podcasts which focus on one of the other authors we've included as "Pratchett-adjacent". Since our focus remains Pratchett, we won't be trying to make this list comprehensive.

Date Show[1] Theme[2]

To be added.


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  2. They have the reason the Mort deal failed backwards, as recounted in Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes