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Sir Terence David John Pratchett, OBE - better known as Terry Pratchett - is...well, you know. The external links section below connects to longer biographies on other sites.

Podcast episodes

As guest

Terry wasn’t a guest on many podcasts that we know about (let us know if you find one!), but some talks and interviews he did were recorded and released as podcast episodes or video recordings. See also below for some of his radio appearances.

Date Show[1] Episode External link
2007-09-13 2007 National Book Festival[2] “Terry Pratchett: Book Festival 07” loc.gov
2009-08-11 Naked Scientists Special Edition Podcast “Conversations from the Darwin Festival - Sir Terry Pratchett”[3] acast.com[4]
2013-04-13 Ideas at the House “Terry Pratchett - In Conversation with Garth Nix”[5] libsyn.com
2023-07-29 The Author Archive “Terry Pratchett - The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents”[6] podbean.com

Radio appearances

Some radio programmes on which Terry appeared have been released online in digital form, in an actual podcast feed or otherwise (often via BBC Sounds). We’re prioritising programmes which are widely available.

Date Show Episode External link Notes
1997-02-09 Desert Island Discs[7] “Terry Pratchett” bbc.co.uk
2003-05-29 World Book Club “Terry Pratchett - The Colour of Magic” bbc.co.uk
2004-07-04 Bookclub “Terry Pratchett”[8] bbc.co.uk
2011-08-11 Morning Edition “Discworld's Terry Pratchett On Death And Deciding”[9] npr.org Brief interview primarily about assisted dying, which also contains discussion of suicide.
2011-10-18 Front Row “Terry Pratchett; Mark Rylance; Contagion” bbc.co.uk The Pratchett section is first
2011-10-21 Front Row “Thandie Newton; Terry Pratchett” bbc.co.uk[10] The Pratchett section begins at 19m04s
2013-12-11 Front Row “Alan Bennett, Terry Pratchett, The Duck House, The Great Train Robbery” bbc.co.uk The Pratchett section begins at 14m05s
2013-12-13 Front Row “Victoria Wood, Alan Bennett, Sir Terry Pratchett” bbc.co.uk[10] The Pratchett sections begins at 9m06s
2013-12-14 Radio 2 Art Show “Sir Terry Pratchett and Maddy Prior talk to Claudia Winkleman” bbc.co.uk


Many Pratchett interviews and speeches have been released online as videos. We’re collecting them here.

Date Channel Title Type External link
2010-11-04 Trinity College Dublin “The Importance of Being Amazed about Absolutely Everything” Speech youtube.com
2011-07-10 The Guardian "Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter on The Long Earth Interview youtube.com


Pratchett made a few cameo appearances in adaptations of his own work:

External links


  1. In some cases this is the name of the appropriate YouTube channel, which might just reflect the name of institution rather than a “show”.
  2. Re-released in a new podcast feed ten years later.
  3. Focusses on The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch.
  4. Audio may no longer be available? We’re chasing this one!
  5. A live talk at the Sydney Opera House; referred to by Garth Nix in his guest appearance on Pratchat talking about Wintersmith.
  6. This is an interview between host David Freeman and Terry Pratchett about The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, from David’s personal archive. The date for the interview is not given, but as he’s asked about how he’d feel if he wins the Carnegie Medal for it, we can guess it’s from 2002, before the prize was announced in July.
  7. Not to be confused with Desert Island Discworld, which takes inspiration from the original radio show.
  8. This episode focuses on Mort.
  9. This is a segment of the full 11 August 2011 episode] of Morning Edition.
  10. 10.0 10.1 Direct link to mp3; BBC Sounds version is only available within the UK.