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Pratchat - a Terry Pratchett book club
Hosted byElizabeth Flux & Ben McKenzie
Opening themePratchat opening theme
Ending themePratchat closing theme
Composed byDavid Ashton
Audio formatmp3
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes75 (so far)
Original release8 October 2017 – present
Cited forDitmar Award
Cited asBest Fan Publication in Any Medium 2023
ProviderSplendid Chaps Productions
Related showsSplendid Chaps; Ook Club
Support pageKo-Fi

Publisher Description

Join writer Elizabeth Flux and comedian Ben McKenzie on their six[1] year mission to read every Terry Pratchett novel[2], one a month, and discuss them with special guests, puns, listener questions and footnotes! Episodes are released on the 7Ath of each month (Australian Eastern time); the next book is listed at and announced at the end of each episode. Send in questions via Twitter or Facebook!

The explicit tag represents a fairly average Australian level of coarse language.

Further Information


  • Most episodes begin with an excerpt from later in the discussion, played immediately before the theme music.
  • After a scripted intro, Liz and Ben discuss their guest's history with Terry Pratchett before reading the book's blurb to get into the discussion proper.
  • The bulk of each episode is a recap of the book's plot, branching into discussions about the content and style along the way.
  • After reaching the end of the book, space is given to read any favourite quotes or footnotes before continuing on to discuss listener questions.
  • During an episode, audio footnotes may appear adding extra context or jokes to the discussion.
  • Bonus episodes are occasionally released, usually on the 25th of the month. If a main episode is delayed, there’ll usually be a mini bonus episode released to help fill the gap.


  • Regular monthly episodes of Pratchat are released on the 8th of the month at 8:08 AM, Australian Eastern Time, making it very unlucky for wizards.
  • Bonus episodes are usually released on the Glorious 25th of the month, putting them halfway between regular monthly episodes.
  • Though it didn't launch until November 2017, Pratchat was planned as early as October 2015, when the domain name and Twitter account for the podcast were created.
  • Currently the second-longest running Pratchett podcast, after The Pratchett Podcast, which ran for nearly a full seven years.


  • Elizabeth Flux (she/her) - a writer based in Melbourne, Australia. Co-host of nearly all episodes and a master of the pune, or play on words.
  • Ben McKenzie (he/him) - a performer, writer and game designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Co-host for all episodes, occasionally solo host for bonus episodes, and also the editor and producer for the podcast. Notable for groaning at Liz's puns.


The table below indexes episodes of this podcast. They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme.

# Episode Title Date Book/Subject Guest(s) External links S#[3]
0 “And the Winner Is...” 2017-10-08 Introduction “Hex” Episode
1 “Boots Theory” 2017-11-08 Men at Arms Cal Wilson Episode; Notes 15
2 “Murdering a Curry” 2017-12-08 Mort Stephanie Convery Episode; Notes 4
3 “You're a Wizzard, Rincewind” 2018-01-08 Sourcery Cal Wilson Episode; Notes 5
4 “Enter Three Wytches” 2018-02-08 Wyrd Sisters Elly Squire Episode; Notes 6
5 “Ten Points to Viper House” 2018-03-08 Pyramids Richard McKenzie Episode; Notes 7
6 “A Load of Old Tosh” 2018-04-08 Dodger David Astle Episode; Notes
7 “All the Fingle Ladies” 2018-05-08 Eric Georgina Chadderton Episode; Notes 9
7A “The Curious Incident of the Dragon and the Night Watch” 2018-06-08 Guards! Guards! Aimee Nichols Episode; Notes 8
9 “Upscalator to Heaven” 2018-07-08 Truckers Amie Kaufman Episode; Notes B1
10 “We're Gonna Need a Bigger Broomstick” 2018-08-08 Moving Pictures Dan Golding Episode; Notes 10
11 “At Bill's Door” 2018-09-08 Reaper Man Sarah Pearson Episode; Notes 11
12 “Brooms, Boats and Pumpkinmobiles” 2018-10-08 Witches Abroad Jackie Tang Episode; Notes 12
13 “Don’t Quarry Be Happy” 2018-11-08 Diggers Marlee Jane Ward Episode; Notes B2
14 “City-State Lampoon’s Disc-wide Vacation” 2018-12-08 The Colour of Magic Joel Martin Episode; Notes 1
15 “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And We Feel Nice and Accurate)” 2019-01-08 Good Omens Jennifer Beckett, Amy Gray Episode; Notes
16 “He Ain't Heavy, He's My Vorbis” 2019-02-08 Small Gods Avril Hannah-Jones Episode; Notes 13
17 “Midsummer (Elf) Murders” 2019-03-08 Lords and Ladies Nadia Bailey Episode; Notes 14
18 “Sundog Gazillionaire” 2019-04-08 The Dark Side of the Sun Will Kostakis Episode; Notes
19 “It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got Rocks In” 2019-05-08 Soul Music Fury Episode; Notes 16
20 “The Thing Beneath My Wings” 2019-06-08 Wings Lili Wilkinson Episode; Notes B3
- “A Troll New World” 2019-06-23 Troll Bridge Tansy Rayner-Roberts Episode; Notes
21 “Memoirs of Agatea” 2019-07-08 Interesting Times David Ryding Episode; Notes 17
22 “The Cat in the Prat” 2019-08-08 The Unadulterated Cat Asimov (the cat) Episode; Notes
23 “The Music of the Nitt” 2019-09-08 Maskerade Myf Coghill Episode; Notes 18
24 “Arsenic and Old Clays” 2019-10-08 Feet of Clay Nate Byrne Episode; Notes 19
25 “Eskist Attitudes” 2019-11-08 Equal Rites Claire Coleman Episode; Notes 3
- “A Pratchatter's Guide to the Night Terrace" 2019-11-18 Night Terrace Episode
26 “The Long Dark Mr Teatime of the Soul” 2019-12-08 Hogfather Michael Williams Episode; Notes 20
27 “Leshp Miserablés” 2020-01-08 Jingo Craig Hildebrand-Burke Episode; Notes 21
28 “All Our Base Are Belong to You” 2020-02-08 Only You Can Save Mankind Steve Lamattina Episode; Notes J1
29 “Great Rimward Land” 2020-03-08 The Last Continent Fury Episode; Notes 22
30 “Looking Widdershins” 2020-04-08 Reflection Episode; Notes
31 “It’s Just a Step to the West” 2020-05-08 The Long Earth Joel Martin Episode; Notes L1
32 “Meet the Feegles” 2020-06-08 The Wee Free Men Meaghan Dew Episode; Notes 30
33 “Cat, Rats and Two Meddling Kids” 2020-07-08 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Michelle Law Episode; Notes 28
34 “Only You Can Save Deadkind” 2020-08-08 Johnny and the Dead Oliver Phommavanh Episode; Notes J2
35 “Great Balls of Physics” 2020-09-08 The Science of Discworld Anna Ahveninen Episode; Notes S1
36 “Home Alone, But Vampires” 2020-10-08 Carpe Jugulum Gillian Cosgriff Episode; Notes 23
37 “The Shopping Trolley Problem” 2020-11-08 Johnny and the Bomb Will Kostakis Episode; Notes J3
38 “Moisten to Steal” 2020-12-08 Going Postal Nicholas J Johnston & Lawrence Leung Episode; Notes 33
39 “All the Fun of the...Fish?” 2021-01-08 The Sea and Little Fishes Marc Burrows Episode; Notes
40 “The King and the Hole of the King” 2021-02-08 The Fifth Elephant Richard McKenzie Episode; Notes 24
41 “The Adventures of Crab Boy and Trouser Girl” 2021-03-08 Nation Charlotte Pezaro Episode; Notes
42 “Truth, the Printing Press and Every -ing” 2021-04-08 The Truth Stephanie Convery Episode; Notes 25
43 “Wee Big Hag: Far Fra’ Home” 2021-05-08 A Hat Full of Sky Sally Evans Episode; Notes 32
- “Eeek Club 2021” 2021-05-25 Glorious 25th special; topics chosen by subscribers Episode; Notes
44 “Cosmic Turtle Soup” 2021-06-08 The Light Fantastic Joel Martin Episode; Notes 2
45 “Hogswatch in Grune” 2021-07-08 Twenty Pence With Envelope and Seasonal Greeting Penelope Love Episode; Notes
- “Twice as Alive” 2021-07-25 Men at Arms Episode; Notes 15
46 “The Helen Green Preservation Society” 2021-08-08 The Long War Deanne Sheldon-Collins Episode; Notes L2
47 “A Finite Number of Shakespeares” 2021-09-08 The Science of Discworld II: The Globe Alanta Colley Episode; Notes S2
48 “Lu-Tze in the Sky with Lobsang” 2021-10-08 Thief of Time Ben Reilly Episode; Notes 26
49 “Once More, With Future” 2021-11-08 Once and Future Richard Watts Episode; Notes
50 “Salt Rat Arsenic Heat” 2021-12-08 Nanny Ogg's Cookbook Cal Wilson Episode; Notes
- “Oggswatch Feast 2021” 2021-12-25 Nanny Ogg's Cookbook Elly Squire
Liam Pieper
Nadia Bailey
Manning and Liz (Wyrd Sisters)
Joanna and Francine (The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret)
Aaron and Ana (The Compleat Discography)
Anna Ahveninen
Episode; Notes
51 “Boffoing the Winter Slayer” 2022-01-08 Wintersmith Garth Nix Episode; Notes 35
52 “A Near-Watch Experience” 2022-02-08 The Watch Patrick Lenton, Fury Episode; Notes
53 “A (Very) Few Words by Hner Ner Hner” 2022-03-08 "The Ankh-Morpork National Anthem"
Medical Notes
"A Few Words from Lord Havelock Vetinari"
Episode; Notes
54 “The Land Before Vimes” 2022-04-08 Night Watch Nadia Bailey Episode; Notes 29
55 “Mr Doodle, the Man on the Moon” 2022-05-08 The Last Hero Georgina Chadderton Episode; Notes 27
- “Eeek Club 2022” 2022-05-25 Glorious 25th special; topics chosen by subscribers Episode; Notes
56 “do { Podcast(); } while (unreadPratchetts > 0);” 2022-06-08 #ifdefDEBUG + 'world/enough' + 'time' Sean Williams Episode; Notes
- “Daniel Superbaboon” 2022-07-08 The High Meggas Episode; Notes L0[4]
58 “The Barbarian Switch” 2022-08-08 Final Reward Penelope Love Episode; Notes
57 “Get Your Dad to Mars!” 2022-08-25 The Long Mars Joel Martin Episode; Notes L3
59 “Charlie and the Whale Factory” 2022-09-08 The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch Dr Kat Day Episode; Notes S3
60 “Eyes Turnwise” 2022-10-08 Reflection Episode; Notes
- “The Troll's Gambit” 2022-11-08 Thud (the game) Dr Melissa Rogerson Episode; Notes
61 “What Terry Wrote” 2022-12-05[5] Thud! Matt Roden Episode; Notes 34
62 “There's a Cow in There” 2022-12-08 Where's My Cow? Joanna and Francine of The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret Episode; Notes
63 “Decline by Committee” 2023-01-08 A Collegiate Casting-Out of Devilish Devices” and Thud! Matt Roden Episode; Notes 34
64 “GNOME Terry Pratchett“ 2023-02-08 Rincemangle, the Gnome of Even Moor Andy Matthews Episode; Notes
65 “Let There Be Gaimans” 2022-03-08 From A Slip of the Keyboard:
“Wyrd Ideas”
“Notes From a Successful Fantasy Author: Keep It Real”
“Let There Be Dragons”
“Neil Gaiman: Amazing Master Conjuror”
Neil Gaiman’s Foreword
Peter M. Ball Episode; Notes
66 “Ol’ No Eyes Is Back” 2023-04-08 I Shall Wear Midnight Amie Kaufman Episode; Notes 38
67 “The Three-Elf Problem” 2023-05-08 The Witches board game Steve Lamattina Episode; Notes
- “Eeek Club 2023” 2023-05-25 Glorious 25th special; topics chosen by subscribers Episode; Notes
- “We’re on a Road to Elsewhere” 2023-06-08 News and Australian Convention interview Danny Sag Episode; Notes
- “The Long Footnote” 2023-07-08 Recap of The Long Earth, The Long War and The Long Mars Episode L1, L2, L3
69 “Long Fall Sally” 2023-07-23 The Long Utopia Deanne Sheldon-Collins Episode; Notes L4
68 “Discus Ex Machina”[6] 2023-08-08 Strata E J Mann Episode; Notes
70 “Punching Up” 2023-09-08 Theatre of Cruelty Caimh McDonnell Episode; Notes 14.5
71 “It Belongs in a University” 2023-10-08 The Science of Discworld IV: Judgement Day Avril Hannah-Jones, Charlotte Pezaro Episode; Notes S4
72 “The Masked Dancer” 2023-11-08 Turntables of the Night Andrew McClelland Episode; Notes
- “How Did Discworld Get to 40?” 2023-11-24 The Colour of Magic and Discworld's 40th anniversary Various[7] Episode 1
73 “This Christmas Goes to Eleven” 2023-12-08 Father Christmas's Fake Beard Episode; Notes
74 “Hogswitch” 2024-01-08 Tiffany Aching’s Guide to Being a Witch Rhianna Pratchett & Gabrielle Kent Episode; Notes
75 “...And That Spells Trouble” 2024-02-08 Guards! Guards! (board game) Dr Melissa Rogerson Episode; Notes
- “A Monstrous Delay” 2024-03-08 Other Pratchett podcasts Episode
- “The First News Blast” 2024-03-25 Recent Pratchett news Episode
76 “Real Men Don’t Drink...Decaf” 2024-04-08 Monstrous Regiment Freya Daly Sadgrove Episode; Notes 31
- “Wrong in the Start Place” 2024-05-08 Terry Pratchett Day 2024 Episode
- “Eeek Club 2024” 2024-05-25 Glorious 25th special; topics chosen by subscribers Episode; Notes
77 “How to Get Below in Advertising” 2024-06-08 The Hades Business Lucas Testro Episode; Notes


  1. ...ish.
  2. Not just the Discworld ones!
  3. Sort by this column to get episodes in series publication order. Discworld books have just a number. Other series have a letter prefix: "B" for the Bromeliad, "J" for Johnny Maxwell, "S" for the Science of Discworld and "L" for the Long Earth.
  4. While this isn't technically part of the Long Earth series, as the precursor story that was first published in the early edition of the first book, it seems right to include it.
  5. Delayed from 8 November, and then the revised date of 25 November.
  6. Originally scheduled for June, then delayed to late June, then delayed until August, hence being released out of order.
  7. Features mostly pre-recorded contributions, including some from Jason and Rachel from the "Better Than a Poke in the Eye" newsletter (formerly Discworld Monthly); Marc Burrows; Aaron Olson of The Compleat Discography; co-host Elizabeth Flux (who does not otherwise appear); Joana Hagan and Francine Carrel of The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret; and a couple of Pratchat listeners.