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Marc Burrows is a writer, comic and musician based in London. He is the author of The Magic of Terry Pratchett, the first full biography of Terry Pratchett, which won the Locus Award for non-fiction in 2021. In 2023 Marc will perform a one-man show based on the book, which after some preview performances will debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Podcast episodes

As guest

Date Show Episode External link
2020-07-10 Radio Morpork “The Magic of Terry Pratchett (w/Marc Burrows)”
2020-07-29 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret “The Magic of Terry Pratchett (an interview with Marc Burrows)”
2020-11-15 Desert Island Discworld “Marc Burrows and the Bromeliad”
2021-01-08 Pratchat “All the Fun of the...Fish?”
2021-08-13 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret Bonus: “The Watch feat. Marc Burrows (Machina Ex Deus)”
2022-08-16 The Compleat Discography “Monstrous Regiment”
2022-10-09 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret Bonus: “An Episode with Footnotes”
2023-07-24 The Edinburgh Fringe Show, with Ewan Spence “Marc Burrows (The Magic Of Terry Pratchett)”
2023-09-05 Alienating the Audience “The Hilarious Fantasy of Terry Pratchett”
2023-11-06 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret “Voices of Discworld”
2023-11-24 Desert Island Discworld “Al Kennedy and The Shepherd's Crown”[1]
2024-01-20 I’ve Never Read Discworld “Ep 15 The Magic of Terry Pratchett (ft. Marc Burrows)”

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  1. Marc acts as the guest host for this episode, interviewing Al in the way Al normally interviews others