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Radio Morpork
Radio Morpork
Hosted byColm Kearns, Steve Hill, Rose
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes44
Original release10 August 2015 – 16 June 2021

Publisher Description

Radio Morpork is a podcast about Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books. Colm, Steve and Rose work their way through the series one book at a time, discussing and ranking the books as they go along. A thoroughly silly but deadly serious endeavor.

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  • Radio Morpork was the first podcast to complete the journey through all forty-one Discworld novels. Episode 43 discussing The Shepherd's Crown was released on the 16th of June, 2021, and remains the final episode of the show.
  • The podcast is notable for persisting through a couple of long hiatuses: no new episodes were released between February 2016 and June 2017, and between May 2018 and April 2019. It's for this reason we list podcasts that have gone quiet as "inactive", rather than "dead" or "finished".



The table below indexes all episodes of this podcast. They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme.

# Episode Title Date Book/Subject Host(s) Guest(s) External link
1 "Pungeons and Dragons" 2015-08-10 The Colour of Magic Colm, Rose Website
2 "First (And Last) Among Sequels" 2015-08-18 The Light Fantastic Colm, Rose Website
3 "A Dungeon Dimension of One's Own" 2015-09-06 Equal Rites Rose, Colm Website
4 "Death is a Family Business" 2015-09-15 Mort Rose, Colm Steve Hill Website
5 "Apocralypse Now" 2015-09-29 Sourcery Rose, Colm Website
6 "The Lancastrian Play" 2015-10-23 Equal Rites Rose, Colm Website
7 "An Assassin's Creed" 2015-11-08 Pyramids Rose, Colm Aisling Lynch Website
8 "Enter the Dragon (and the Coppers)" 2016-02-10 Guards! Guards! Colm, Rose Website
9 "Faustian Hack" 2017-06-07 Eric Colm, Steve Website
10 "Gone With De Syn" 2017-07-12 Moving Pictures Colm, Steve Website
11 "Death Comes to Life" 2017-07-25 Reaper Man Steve, Colm Website
12 "Foreign Vacations & Fairytale Vocations" 2017-08-10 Witches Abroad Steve, Colm Website
13 "Nobody Expects the Omnian Quisition" 2017-08-23 Small Gods Colm, Steve Website
14 "The Unfair Folk" 2017-09-06 Lords and Ladies Colm, Steve Website
15 "Affirmative Action Heroes" 2017-09-20 Men at Arms Colm, Steve Website
16 "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Death’s Club Band (With Rocks In)" 2017-10-18 Soul Music Colm, Steve Website
17 "Aurientalism" 2017-11-15 Interesting Times Colm, Steve Website
18 "A Fight at the Opera" 2017-11-29 Maskerade Steve, Colm Website
19 "Go Ahead, Bake My Clay, Punk" 2017-12-13 Feet of Clay Steve, Colm Website
20 "The Inner Baby-Sitters Club Christmas Special" 2017-12-23 Hogfather Steve, Colm, Rose Website
21 "Operation Desert Squirm" 2018-04-04 Jingo Colm, Steve Website
22 "The Wizzard of Oz" 2018-04-18 The Last Continent Steve, Colm Website
23 "Three’s a Coven, Four’s a Crowd" 2018-05-09 Carpe Jugulum Steve, Colm Website
24 "A Morporkian Werewolf in Uberwald" 2018-05-23 The Fifth Elephant Colm, Steve Website
25 "All the Patrician’s Men (and Dwarves and Trolls and Women)" 2019-04-23 The Truth Colm, Steve Website
26 "Chocolate-Proof Monk" 2019-05-24 Thief of Time Steve, Colm Website
27 "Saga Megadrive" 2019-06-23 The Last Hero Steve, Colm Website
28 "Puss in Cahoots" 2019-08-14 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Colm, Steve Website
29 "Mid Life Time Crisis" 2019-10-05 Night Watch Colm, Steve Website
30 "Rowdy Roddy Mouse-Piper" 2019-12-04 The Wee Free Men Colm, Steve Website
31 "Ru Polly Oliver's Drag War" 2020-02-22 Monstrous Regiment Steve, Colm Website
32 "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Witch" 2020-03-21 A Hat Full of Sky Colm, Steve Website
33 "The Conman Always Rings Twice" 2020-05-10 Going Postal Rose, Colm, Steve Website
34 "Ace Of Clubs" 2020-06-09 Thud! Colm, Steve Website
35 "The Magic of Terry Pratchett (w/Marc Burrows)" 2020-07-10 The Magic of Terry Pratchett Steve, Colm Marc Burrows Website
36 "Time Of The Season Of The Witch" 2020-08-10 Wintersmith Steve, Colm Website
37 "The Financial Times They Are A-Changin'" 2020-09-10 Making Money Colm, Steve Website
38 Bonus Episode: Discussing the trailer for BBC America’s The Watch 2020-10-20 The Watch Colm, Steve Website
39 "Balon D’Orc" 2020-10-28 Unseen Academicals Colm, Steve Website
40 "I Have A Cunning Man" 2021-01-28 I Shall Wear Midnight Colm, Steve Website
41 "The Mysterious Affair of Vimes" 2021-03-12 Snuff Steve, Colm Website
42 "There Ain’t No Gettin’ Offa This Train We On!" 2021-04-22 Raising Steam Steve, Colm Website
43 "Counting Sheep" 2021-06-16 The Shepherd's Crown Colm, Steve, Rose Website


"The List" was updated on the website after discussion at the end of each episode. The final rankings for the Discworld novels were:[1]

Ranking Book Publication Order
1 Night Watch 29
2 Lords and Ladies 14
3 The Fifth Elephant 24
4 Feet of Clay 19
5 Hogfather 20
6 Pyramids 7
7 Guards! Guards! 8
8 Small Gods 13
9 Maskerade 18
10 Going Postal 33
11 The Truth 25
12 Wintersmith 35
13 Mort 4
14 Men at Arms 15
15 Reaper Man 11
16 I Shall Wear Midnight 38
17 A Hat Full of Sky 32
18 Witches Abroad 12
19 The Last Hero 27
20 Monstrous Regiment 31
21 Carpe Jugulum 23
22 Moving Pictures 10
23 Wyrd Sisters 6
24 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents 28
25 Thief of Time 26
26 The Shepherd's Crown 41
27 The Wee Free Men 30
28 Jingo 21
29 Interesting Times 17
30 Thud! 34
31 The Light Fantastic 2
32 Making Money 36
33 Soul Music 16
34 The Last Continent 22
35 Equal Rites 3
36 Snuff 39
37 Unseen Academicals 37
38 Sourcery 5
39 The Colour of Magic 1
40 Raising Steam 40
41 Eric 9


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