Moving Pictures

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Moving Pictures
First edition hardcover; art by Josh Kirby
AuthorTerry Pratchett
Audio read byTony Robinson (abridged)
Nigel Planer (unabridged)
TBC (new)
Cover artistJosh Kirby
Release number
Publication date
Preceded byEric 
Followed byReaper Man 

Moving Pictures is the tenth Discworld book, a standalone story about the coming of motion pictures to Ankh-Morpork. Notably it introduces Mustrum Ridcully and the senior faculty of Unseen University who go on to be the main characters in all the subsequent wizards books, and also features both “Cuttin’ Me Own Throat” Dibbler and Detritus the troll in important supporting roles.


‘Holy Wood is a different sort of place. People act differently here. Everywhere else the most important things are gods or money or cattle. Here, the most important thing is to be important.’

Alchemists have always thought that they can change reality, shape it to their own purpose. Imagine then the damage that could be wrought on the Discworld if they get their hands on the ultimate alchemy: the invention of motion pictures, the greatest making of illusions. It may be a triumph of universe-shaking proportions. It's either that or they're about to unlock the dark secret of the Holy Wood hills - by mistake...

Podcast episodes

Major appearances

These are episodes primarily devoted to discussing this book.

Date Show Episode External link
2017-07-12 Radio Morpork “Gone With De Syn”
2018-08-08 Pratchat “We're Gonna Need a Bigger Broomstick”
2019-07-15 The Death of Podcasts “Moving Pictures”
2019-11-28 Wyrd Sisters “Moving Pictures”
2020-08-23 Desert Island Discworld “Helen O’Hara and Moving Pictures”
2020-09-29 The Compleat Discography “Moving Pictures”
2020-10-05 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret “Waning Lyrical” (1/3)
2020-10-12 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret “A Well Hatted Man” (2/3)
2020-10-19 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret “Classic Cinematic Climax” (3/3)
2020-10-16 Who Watches the Watch “Correct Opinion Havers” (1/3)
2020-10-23 Who Watches the Watch “A Tale of Two Posts” (2/3)
2020-10-30 Who Watches the Watch “Tom Hardy Deep Dive” (3/3)
2021-11-30 Disc Coverers “Moving Pictures”
2022-02-03 Nanny Ogg's Book Club “Moving Pictures”
2022-06-01 The Disc-Course “Ankh-Morpork's Funniest Home Videos” (1/7)
2022-06-15 The Disc-Course “Best Picture” (2/7)
2022-06-29 The Disc-Course “June of Jess” (3/7)
2022-07-13 The Disc-Course “Good Girl Holly” (4/7)
2022-07-27 The Disc-Course “Terry Pratchett Predicted Foodfight” (5/7)
2022-08-10 The Disc-Course “Ancient Animal House” (6/7)
2022-08-24 The Disc-Course “Moist Good Movies” (7/7)
2023-03-14 Beyond the Bindings “Moving Pictures - Discworld 10"
2023-07-10 I’ve Never Read Discworld “Book 10. Moving Pictures”

Other appearances

Episodes where there's significant discussion of the book, but it's not the focus of the episode.

Date Show Episode External link
2021-11-17 Fiction Fans Sphere & Moving Pictures
2023-05-11 The Turtle Reads “Holy Wood: Back to Africa”


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