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The Turtle Reads
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Hosted byMelissa Diaz, Clay Foreman
Opening themeN/A
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes3 (so far)
Original release29 December 2022 – present
Related showsMelissaTime!

Publisher Description

Melissa Diaz and Clay Foreman boldly go where no nerds have gone before in this deep dive into Terry Pratchett's Discworld Universe and beyond

Further Information


  • A casual discussion that begins with a personal chat, then talk of the book or books chosen for the episode


  • The first episode spends a lot of time on food, Clay’s family history and trashing the idea of reading in general and libraries in particular, among other things. This probably gives you a good idea of the tone.
  • The second episode gets more or less straight into discussion of Terry Pratchett's Hogfather, but this seems to be because the recording of the earlier discussion was lost.


  • Melissa Diaz - a stand-up comedian based in the Bronx, New York; not clear if she's read Discworld before
  • Clay Foreman - a French Canadian from Nova Scotia; an existing Discworld fan, who is choosing which books they read


The table below indexes episodes of this podcast. They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme.

# Episode Title Date Book/Subject External link[1] DW#[2]
1 “Soul Music and the Hogfather” 2022-12-09 Soul Music and Hogfather 16
2 “Christmas Movies: Hogfather > Die Hard?” 2023-01-20 Terry Pratchett's Hogfather and Hogfather 20
3 “Small Gods and Dolphins with Down Syndrome” 2023-01-20 Small Gods 13


  1. The podcast has no dedicated website, so we've linked directly to the audio files for each episode.
  2. Sort by this column to see episodes in Discworld publication order.