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Neil Gaiman is a British writer and long-time friend of Terry Pratchett, whom he first met when interviewing him about The Colour of Magic for Star Voyager magazine in 1980s. Neil made his name in comics first, most notably as the writer of The Sandman series for Dark Horse (an imprint of DC Comics). He later became known as an author, collaborating with Pratchett on Good Omens before going on to write a number of hit fantasy novels for adults and children, including American Gods, Coraline and The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Many of his works have been adapted for television, and he is the showrunner and head writer for the Amazon Prime/BBC adaptation of Good Omens.


To keep this article a reasonable length (and relevant for this wiki), we've only included Gaiman's novels and short story collections. For a complete list including his comics and books for younger children, see his Wikipedia bibliography.

Title Publication Date Series Series # Wikipedia link Notes
Good Omens 1990-05-10 Good Omens Co-authored with Terry Pratchett; see also Good Omens at the L-Space wiki.
Angels & Visitations 1993 Short fiction 1 Angels & Visitations
Neverwhere 1996 Neverwhere 1 Neverwhere Based on Gaiman's BBC television series.
Smoke and Mirrors 1998 Short fiction 2 Smoke and Mirrors
Stardust 1999 Stardust Illustrated by Charles Vess
American Gods 2001 American Gods American Gods
Coraline 2002 Coraline
Anansi Boys 2005 American Gods Anansi Boys Set in the same reality at American Gods but not a sequel
Fragile Things 2006 Short fiction 3 Fragile Things
M is for Magic 2007-06-26 Children's short fiction M is for Magic Mostly work that appears in other collections
InterWorld 2007 InterWorld 1 InterWorld Co-authored with Michael Reaves
The Graveyard Book 2008 The Graveyard Book
The Silver Dream 2013 InterWorld 2 The Silver Dream Co-authored with Michael and Mallory Reaves
The Ocean at the End of the Lane 2013 The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Trigger Warning 1993 Short fiction 4 Trigger Warning
Eternity's Wheel 2015 InterWorld 3 Eternity's Wheel Co-authored with Michael and Mallory Reaves
Norse Mythology 2017 Norse Mythology Retellings of stories from the Prose Edda and Poetic Edda


Neil appears in a cameo role with Terry as a pair of policemen in the BBC Radio adpatation of Good Omens. He is also showrunner and head writer for Good Omens, the making of which was Terry's last request to Neil.

Aside from Good Omens, many of Gaiman’s own stories have been adapted for television and film, most notably Coraline, American Gods and most recently Sandman. Adaptations of Anansi Boys (related to but not a sequel to American Gods) and others are in the works.

Many of his books have been adapted for audio, most notably Neverwhere (for the BBC) and Sandman (for Audible). Note that the television series of Neverwhere is not an adaptation, but the original version, which Gaiman later adapted into a book. He narrates several of his own audiobooks, including Norse Mythology.

Podcast episodes

Neil doesn't host any podcasts, but has appeared on many - mostly radio programs which have also been released in podcast form. We’ll just include the few that are most Pratchett relevant.

As guest

Date Show Episode External link
2017-10-31[1] Dr Janina Ramirez - Art Detective “Neil Gaiman on The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke by Richard Dadd”[2]
2019-03-28 The Tim Ferriss Show “Neil Gaiman — The Interview I've Waited 20 Years To Do”[3]
2023-03-16 The Last Word with Matt Cooper “Neil Gaiman On Turning A Novel Into A Stage Show”[4] (mp3)
2023-10-24 Scriptnotes “The One with Neil Gaiman”[5]

More to be added.

Video of Talks and Events

Neil has made many appearances talking about Terry Pratchett. These are ones for which video has been made available online.

Date Event Format External link Notes
2023-11-21 “The Worlds of Terry Pratchett” Talk Living Knowledge Network Also features Rob Wilkins

More to be added.

External links


  1. Repeated in 2019.
  2. This is the painting used by Pratchett as inspiration for The Wee Free Men; Neil talks about Terry during the episode.
  3. A business advice interview podcast (sorry), but around the time Gaiman had finished most of the production work on season one of Good Omens but before it had been released. Skip to 5m40s to get past the ads at the start, or to 9m35s to get straight to the interview. And to be clear, it’s host Tim Ferriss who has waited twenty years for the interview, not Neil.
  4. Also features some discussion of Good Omens.
  5. Primarily about a comic script for an issue of '’Sandman, but also features some discussion of Good Omens and Good Omens.