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Rob Wilkins is the manager of the Pratchett literary estate, and co-director (with Rhianna Pratchett) of Narrativia, the production company which handles licensing of Pratchett's works. He was previously Terry Pratchett’s personal assistant and later business manager, working with him for more than twenty years. He is also the author of the official biography Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes.

Podcast episodes

As guest

Date Show Episode External link
2013-04-13 Ideas at the House “Terry Pratchett - In Conversation with Garth Nix”[1]
2017-09-01 Saturday Morning “Rob Wilkins - Steamrolling Sir Terry Pratchett”
2019-09-22 And he said to me “Episode 01 - Rob Wilkins” N/A[2]
2022-02-16 Chalke Talk “Rob Wilkins”
2023-02-16 Fiction Fans “Author Interview: A Life With Footnotes by Rob Wilkins”
2023-02-28 The Compleat Discography “Unseen Academicals”
2023-04-13 Imaginary Worlds “Entering Discworld, Population: Terry Pratchett”
2023-11-20 Quick Book Reviews “Interviews with Rob Wilkins about Terry Pratchett & also with Andrew Pettegree”

Video of Talks and Events

These are Rob’s appearances talking about Terry for which video has been made available online.

Date Event Format External link Notes
2023-11-21 “The Worlds of Terry Pratchett” Talk Living Knowledge Network Also features Neil Gaiman

External links


  1. A live talk at the Sydney Opera House; Rob appears to read an excerpt from Snuff and says a few words.
  2. The media for this podcast is no longer available.