The Compleat Discography

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The Compleat Discography
Hosted byAaron, Ana, Justen
Opening theme“Take a Chance”
Composed byKevin MacLeod
No. of seasons1
Original release13 January 2020 – present
LicenseCC 4.0 BY-NC-ND
Related showsThe Babylon Podject
Support pagePatreon[1]

Publisher Description

Join three nerds as we do a book club style read-through of Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels and related works, in publication order. We've got a variety of voices and takes, and will occasionally have special guests to discuss key points in the Discworld series.

Previous description

The Compleat Discography is a chronological read-through podcast of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books. Aaron and Ana (and guests) lead Justen through a first read-through of the Discworld series. Here's the catch: While Ana and Aaron have read 40 books, they haven't read the last one.

Also, sometimes we talk about other books and put them on here.

Further Information


Book club


  • This was Aaron's first editing work!
  • With the release of episode 42 on 15 June, 2023, Compleat Discography became the fourth podcast to discuss all 41 Discworld novels. There are a few more episodes to come wrapping up the show.



The table below indexes episodes of this podcast. They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme.

# Episode Date Book/Subject Guest(s) External link DW#[2]
1 Episode Zero, or "What are we doing here?" 2020-01-13 Introduction Website
2 “The Colour of Magic” 2020-01-14 The Colour of Magic Website 1
3 “The Light Fantastic” 2020-01-29 The Light Fantastic Website 2
4 “Equal Rites” 2020-02-25 Equal Rites Website 3
5 “Mort” 2020-03-24 Mort Website 4
6 “Sourcery” 2020-04-28 Sourcery Website 5
- "May 25th, The First" 2020-05-25 Glorious 25th Special: Out-takes Website
7 “Wyrd Sisters” 2020-05-26 Wyrd Sisters Website 6
8 “Pyramids” 2020-06-24 Pyramids Website 7
9 “Guards! Guards!” 2020-07-28 Guards! Guards! Website 8
10 “Eric” 2020-08-25 Eric Website 9
- "None Disc, Death Pod" (1/3)[3] 2020-09-14 Gideon the Ninth, Harrow the Ninth Jude Vais, Aly Grauer Website LT1
- "Nourishing Soup" (2/3)[3] 2020-09-21 Gideon the Ninth, Harrow the Ninth Jude Vais, Aly Grauer Website LT2
11 “Moving Pictures” 2020-09-29 Moving Pictures Website 10
12 “Reaper Man” 2020-10-27 Reaper Man Website 11
13 “Witches Abroad” 2020-11-24 Witches Abroad Website 12
14 “Small Gods” 2020-12-29 Small Gods Evan Saft Website 13
15 “Lords and Ladies” 2021-01-26 Lords and Ladies Website 14
16 “Men at Arms” 2021-02-23 Men at Arms Sharang Biswas Website 15
17 “Soul Music” 2021-03-30 Soul Music Dylan Malenfant Website 16
18 “Interesting Times” 2021-04-20 Interesting Times Website 17
19 “Hogfather” 2021-05-25 Hogfather James D'Amato Website 20
20 “Maskerade” 2021-06-22 Maskerade Coast Website 18
21 “Jingo” 2021-09-28 Jingo Scott Paladin Website 21
22 “Feet of Clay” 2021-10-04 Feet of Clay Evan Saft Website 19
23 “The Last Continent” 2021-10-26 The Last Continent Elizabeth Flux, Ben McKenzie Website 22
24 “Carpe Jugulum” 2021-11-23 Carpe Jugulum Website 23
25 “The Fifth Elephant” 2021-12-28 The Fifth Elephant Kat Kuhl Website 24
26 “The Truth” 2022-01-25 The Truth Taylor LaBresh Website 25
27 “Thief of Time” 2022-02-22 Thief of Time Seanan McGuire Website 26
28 “The Last Hero” 2022-03-29 The Last Hero Matt of Lego Ankh-Morpork Website 27
29 “The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents” 2022-04-25 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Scott Paladin Website 28
- "The Amazing Maurice part 2" 2022-04-28 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Sophie[4] Website 28
30 “Night Watch” 2022-05-25 Night Watch Kat Kuhl; Polly Website 29
31 “The Wee Free Men” 2022-06-28 The Wee Free Men Ursula Vernon, aka T. Kingfisher Website 30
32 “A Hat Full of Sky” 2022-07-15 A Hat Full of Sky Patrick Rothfuss Website 32
33 “Monstrous Regiment” 2022-08-16 Monstrous Regiment Marc Burrows Website 31
- "Nona the Ninth" (3/3)[3] 2022-09-26 Nona the Ninth Aly Grauer, Jude Vais Website LT3
34 “Going Postal” 2022-09-27 Going Postal Kevin Kulp Website 33
35 “Thud!” 2022-10-25 Thud! Dr Kat Day Website 34
36 “Wintersmith” 2022-11-29 Wintersmith Dr Kat Day Website 35
- “Okay, So Network Holiday Party” 2022-12-31 Crossover “what did we read/watch this year” with The Babylon Podject [5] Jude Vais Website
37 “Making Money” 2023-01-30 Making Money Dr Holland Dougherty, Rich Howard Website 36
38 “Unseen Academicals” 2023-02-28 Unseen Academicals Rob Wilkins Website 37
39 “I Shall Wear Midnight” 2023-03-28 I Shall Wear Midnight Bitter Karella[6] Website 38
40 “Snuff” 2023-04-25 Snuff Angry Staff Officer Website 39
41 “Raising Steam” 2023-05-30 Raising Steam Jennifer Adcock Website 40
42 “The Shepherd's Crown” 2023-06-15 The Shepherd's Crown Website 41


  1. Under the name of sister podcast The Babylon Podject
  2. Sort by this column to get episodes in the Discworld publication order. Generally we leave this blank for non-Discworld books (and episodes about other topics), but we've added numbers with an "LT" prefix so the Locked Tomb episodes can be sorted together.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 These episodes were referred to as "The Compleat Thanography", as they are a digression to talk about the Locked Tomb series.
  4. Aaron's kid and a big wee hag in her own right.
  5. Justen made another mistake.
  6. Best known as creator of the Midnight Society Twitter account.