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Dr Kay Day is a science and fiction writer, based in the UK. She is also an assistant editor for PseudoPod, the horror fiction podcast from the team behind Escape Pod. Her fiction can also be found on dailysciencefiction.com and featured in PseudoPod and Cast of Wonders.

Podcast episodes

As writer/producer/presenter

As mentioned above, Kat is an assistant editor for PseudoPod, Escape Artists' horror genre short fiction podcast. (The show is hosted by Alasdair Stuart, co-owner of Escape Artists, who has been a guest on Desert Island Discworld.) Some highlight episodes mentioned by Kat on her appearances on Pratchett podcasts, or otherwise of interest to Pratchett fans:

As guest

Date Show Episode External link
2022-09-08 Pratchat “Charlie and the Whale Factory” pratchatpodcast.com
2022-10-25 The Compleat Discography “Thud!” compleatdiscography.page
2022-11-29 The Compleat Discography “Wintersmith” compleatdiscography.page
2024-01-31 Fiction Fans Night Watch by Terry Pratchett, feat. Kat Day” fictionfanspodcast.com

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