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2012 paperback cover; art by Josh Kirby
AuthorTerry Pratchett
Audio read byTony Robinson (Corgi);
Nigel Planer (Isis)
Sian Clifford (Penguin)
Cover artistJosh Kirby
Release number
Publication date
Preceded byEqual Rites 
Followed bySourcery 

Mort is the fourth Discworld novel, and the first to feature Death as a main character. It is often cited as a good book for new readers to start with.


Death comes to us all. When he came to Mort, he offered him a job.

Death is the Grim Reaper of the Discworld, a black-robed skeleton carrying a scythe who must collect a minimum number of souls in order to keep the momentum of dying, well...alive.

He is also fond of cats and endlessly baffled by humanity. Soon Death is yearning to experience what humanity really has to offer...but to do that, he'll need to hire some help.

It's an offer Mort can't refuse. As Death's apprentice he'll have free board, use of the company horse - and being dead isn't compulsory. It's a dream job - until Mort falls in love with Death's daughter, Ysabell, and discovers that your boss can be a killer on your love life...

(From the 2012 paperback edition.)

Podcast episodes

Major appearances

These are episodes primarily devoted to discussing this book.

Date Show Episode External link
2004-07-04 Bookclub “Terry Pratchett”[1]
2015-09-15 Radio Morpork “Death is a Family Business”
2017-01-23 Dragon Babies “Mort, by Terry Pratchett”
2017-12-08 Pratchat “Murdering a Curry”
2019-02-15 The Death of Podcasts “Mort”
2019-04-28 Wyrd Sisters “Mort”
2020-03-09 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret “Schrödinger’s Canapé” (1/3)
2020-03-16 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret “State Of Mind: Eggs” (2/3)
2020-03-23 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret “Horse In My Zen Garden” (3/3)
2020-03-24 The Compleat Discography “Mort”
2020-07-22 Who Watches the Watch “Deathy Seinfeld” (1/2)
2020-07-29 Who Watches the Watch “Discworld the Anime vs Historical Predestination” (2/2)
2020-08-02 Desert Island Discworld “Tiernan Douieb and Mort”
2021-01-06 The Disc-Course “Callout Post for Death” (1/4)
2021-01-20 The Disc-Course “Erotic Biographies” (2/4)
2021-02-03 The Disc-Course “Commotion Lotion” (3/4)
2021-02-17 The Disc-Course “Disctale” (4/4)
2021-02-15 Stuck on Arrakis “Discworld Book Four”
2021-03-29 Disc Coverers “Mort”
2021-09-29 Nanny Ogg's Book Club “Mort”
2022-05-07 Unseen Academicals “Mort”
2022-12-17 I’ve Never Read Discworld “Book 4. Mort”
2023-05-11 Just Dads Reading Books “Mort”
2023-06-21 Books w/ Bitches “Unhinged Bonus Episode 2 MORT”
2024-02-19 Dining Table Discworld “Mort”

Other appearances

Episodes where there's significant discussion of the book, but it's not the focus of the episode.

Date Show Episode External link
2012-08-05 The Pratchett Podcast “The Pratchett Podcast Episode 10”[2]
2012-09-05 The Pratchett Podcast “The Pratchett Podcast episode 11”[3][2]
2021-05-26 Fiction Fans “A Master of Djinn & Mort”
2024-02-25 Fable FellaZ “Mr. Samson Cat”[4]

External links

  • Mort at the L-Space Wiki
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  1. This is a BBC Radio program later released as a podcast, or at least made available as via BBC Sounds. Features Terry Pratchett talking about the book with fans.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Post with info only; audio no longer available.
  3. This episode includes co-host Rhys giving his thoughts on the book, having missed the deadline to read it for the previous episode.
  4. Also discusses Tamsyn Muir’s Harrow the Ninth.