Wyrd Sisters (podcast)

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Wyrd Sisters
Wyrd Sisters
Hosted byLiz, Manning, Dani
Audio formatmp3
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes44
Original release28 January 2019 – 28 September 2022
Support pagePatreon

Publisher Description

Wyrd Sisters is a podcast recapping the Discworld series. The hosts also do the occasional bonus episode covering other work by Terry Pratchett.

Further Information


  • Each episode begins with a themed introduction to each of the hosts.
  • After the introduction, one of the hosts - usually Liz when she is hosting - reads out the basic information about the book or other subject matter, including when it was published and an approximate word count.



  • Manning - for all episodes
  • Liz - for most episodes
  • Dani - for most episodes up to 26
  • Spell - just episode 30 so far


The table below indexes episodes of this podcast. They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme.

# Episode Date Book/Subject Host(s) Guest(s) External link
1 "The Colour of Magic" 2019-01-28 The Colour of Magic Dani, Manning, Liz Podbean
2 "The Light Fantastic" 2019-02-28 The Light Fantastic Dani, Manning, Liz Podbean
3 "Equal Rites" 2019-03-28 Equal Rites Liz, Manning Podbean
4 "Mort" 2019-04-28 Mort Dani, Manning, Liz Podbean
- "Good Omens" 2019-05-28 Good Omens Manning, Liz Podbean
5 "Sourcery" 2019-06-28 Sourcery Dani, Manning Podbean
6 "Wyrd Sisters" 2019-07-28 Wyrd Sisters Dani, Manning, Liz Podbean
7 "Pyramids" 2019-08-28 Pyramids Dani, Manning, Liz Podbean
8 "Guards! Guards!" 2019-09-28 Guards! Guards! Manning Manny Podbean
9 "Eric" 2019-10-28 Eric Liz, Manning Podbean
10 "Moving Pictures" 2019-11-28 Moving Pictures Dani, Liz, Manning Podbean
11 "Reaper Man" 2019-12-28 Reaper Man Manning, Dani, Liz Podbean
12 "Witches Abroad" 2020-01-28 Witches Abroad Manning, Dani Podbean
13 "Small Gods" 2020-02-28 Small Gods Liz, Manning Podbean
14 "Lords and Ladies" 2020-03-28 Lords and Ladies Manning, Dani, Liz Podbean
15 "Men at Arms" 2020-04-28 Men at Arms Manning, Dani, Liz Podbean
- "Color of Magic Miniseries" 2020-05-28 Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic Manning, Dani Podbean
16 "Soul Music" 2020-06-28 Soul Music Manning, Dani, Liz Podbean
17 "Interesting Times" 2020-07-28 Interesting Times Manning, Liz Podbean
18 "Maskerade" 2020-08-28 Maskerade Manning, Dani, Liz Podbean
19 "Feet of Clay" 2020-09-28 Feet of Clay Manning, Dani, Liz Podbean
20 "Hogfather" 2020-10-28 Hogfather Liz, Manning Gen Podbean
21 "Jingo" 2020-11-28 Jingo Dani, Manning Podbean
22 "The Last Continent" 2020-12-28 The Last Continent "Bruce", "Bruce"[1] Podbean
23 "Carpe Jugulum" 2021-01-28 Carpe Jugulum Manning, Liz Podbean
24 "The Fifth Elephant" 2021-02-28 The Fifth Elephant Manning, Liz, Dani Podbean
25 "The Truth" 2021-03-28 The Truth Manning, Liz Podbean
26 "Thief of Time" 2021-04-28 Thief of Time Manning, Dani, Liz Podbean
27 "The Last Hero" 2021-05-28 The Last Hero Manning, Liz Podbean
28 "The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents" 2021-06-28 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Manning, Liz Rachel Podbean
29 "Night Watch" 2021-07-28 Night Watch Manning, Liz Podbean
30 "The Wee Free Men" 2021-08-27 The Wee Free Men Manning, Liz, Spell Podbean
31 WSP 31 2021-09-28 Monstrous Regiment Manning, Liz Podbean
32 WSP 32 2021-10-28 A Hat Full of Sky Manning, Liz Podbean
33 WSP 33 2021-11-28 Going Postal Manning, Liz Podbean
34 WSP 34 2021-12-28 Thud! Manning, Liz Podbean
35 WSP 35 2022-01-27 Wintersmith Manning, Liz Podbean
36 WSP 36 2022-02-28 Making Money Manning, Liz Podbean
37 WSP 37 2022-03-28 Unseen Academicals Manning, Liz Podbean
38 WSP 38 2022-04-28 I Shall Wear Midnight Manning, Liz Podbean
39 WSP 39 2022-05-28 Snuff Manning, Liz Podbean
40 WSP 40 2022-06-29 Raising Steam Manning, Liz Podbean
41 WSP 41 2022-07-28 The Shepherd's Crown Manning, Liz Podbean
42 Wyrd Sisters Podcast Finale 2022-08-28 Finale (1/2) - the series as a whole Manning, Liz Podbean
43 Wyrd Sisters Podcast Finale Part 2 2022-09-28 Finale (2/2) - the series as a whole Manning, Liz Podbean


  1. Manning and Liz using false names based on the famous Monty Python sketch about the Philosophy Department of Woolloomooloo