Wyrd Sisters (podcast)

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Wyrd Sisters
Wyrd Sisters
Hosted byLiz, Manning, Dani
Audio formatmp3
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes44
Original release28 January 2019 – 28 September 2022
Support pagePatreon

Publisher Description

Wyrd Sisters is a podcast recapping the Discworld series. The hosts also do the occasional bonus episode covering other work by Terry Pratchett.

Further Information


  • Each episode begins with a themed introduction to each of the hosts.
  • After the introduction, one of the hosts - usually Liz when she is hosting - reads out the basic information about the book or other subject matter, including when it was published and an approximate word count.


  • The third podcast to complete the journey of discussing all 41 Discworld novels, following Radio Morpork and The Death of Podcasts. Episode 41 about The Shepherd's Crown was released on the 28th of July, 2022, with two additional finale episodes released the following months.
  • For episode 22 about The Last Continent, Liz and Manning introduce themselves as "Bruce" and "Bruce", false names based on the famous Monty Python sketch about the Philosophy Department of the University of Woolloomooloo.


  • Manning - main host for all episodes; hosts solo for episodes 8 (with guest Manny) and 30 (with guest host Spell).
  • Liz - co-host for nearly all episodes. Liz is only absent for episodes 5, 8, 12, 21 and the bonus one about Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic.
  • Dani - co-host for about two-thirds of episodes up until episode 26.


The table below indexes episodes of this podcast. They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme.

# Episode Date Book/Subject Guest(s) External link
1 “The Colour of Magic” 2019-01-28 The Colour of Magic Podbean
2 “The Light Fantastic” 2019-02-28 The Light Fantastic Podbean
3 “Equal Rites” 2019-03-28 Equal Rites Podbean
4 “Mort” 2019-04-28 Mort Podbean
- “Good Omens” 2019-05-28 Good Omens Podbean
5 “Sourcery” 2019-06-28 Sourcery Podbean
6 “Wyrd Sisters” 2019-07-28 Wyrd Sisters Podbean
7 “Pyramids” 2019-08-28 Pyramids Podbean
8 “Guards! Guards!” 2019-09-28 Guards! Guards! Manny Podbean
9 “Eric” 2019-10-28 Eric Podbean
10 “Moving Pictures” 2019-11-28 Moving Pictures Podbean
11 “Reaper Man” 2019-12-28 Reaper Man Podbean
12 “Witches Abroad” 2020-01-28 Witches Abroad Podbean
13 “Small Gods” 2020-02-28 Small Gods Podbean
14 “Lords and Ladies” 2020-03-28 Lords and Ladies Podbean
15 “Men at Arms” 2020-04-28 Men at Arms Podbean
- "Color of Magic Miniseries" 2020-05-28 Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic Podbean
16 “Soul Music” 2020-06-28 Soul Music Podbean
17 “Interesting Times” 2020-07-28 Interesting Times Podbean
18 “Maskerade” 2020-08-28 Maskerade Podbean
19 “Feet of Clay” 2020-09-28 Feet of Clay Podbean
20 “Hogfather” 2020-10-28 Hogfather Gen Podbean
21 “Jingo” 2020-11-28 Jingo Podbean
22 “The Last Continent” 2020-12-28 The Last Continent Podbean
23 “Carpe Jugulum” 2021-01-28 Carpe Jugulum Podbean
24 “The Fifth Elephant” 2021-02-28 The Fifth Elephant Podbean
25 “The Truth” 2021-03-28 The Truth Podbean
26 “Thief of Time” 2021-04-28 Thief of Time Podbean
27 “The Last Hero” 2021-05-28 The Last Hero Podbean
28 “The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents” 2021-06-28 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Rachel Podbean
29 “Night Watch” 2021-07-28 Night Watch Podbean
30 “The Wee Free Men” 2021-08-27 The Wee Free Men Spell Podbean
31 “Monstrous Regiment” 2021-09-28 Monstrous Regiment Podbean
32 “A Hat Full of Sky” 2021-10-28 A Hat Full of Sky Podbean
33 “Going Postal” 2021-11-28 Going Postal Podbean
34 “Thud!” 2021-12-28 Thud! Podbean
35 “Wintersmith” 2022-01-27 Wintersmith Podbean
36 “Making Money” 2022-02-28 Making Money Podbean
37 “Unseen Academicals” 2022-03-28 Unseen Academicals Podbean
38 “I Shall Wear Midnight” 2022-04-28 I Shall Wear Midnight Podbean
39 “Sourcery” 2022-05-28 Snuff Podbean
40 “Raising Steam” 2022-06-29 Raising Steam Podbean
41 “The Shepherd's Crown” 2022-07-28 The Shepherd's Crown Podbean
42 “Wyrd Sisters Podcast Finale” 2022-08-28 Finale (1/2) - the series as a whole Podbean
43 “Wyrd Sisters Podcast Finale Part 2” 2022-09-28 Finale (2/2) - the series as a whole Podbean