The Death of Podcasts

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The Death of Podcasts
The Death of Podcasts
Hosted byAmanda Smith & Ron “AAlgar” Watt
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes41
Original release14 November 2018 – 15 January 2022

Publisher Description

A comprehensive review of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

Further Information


  • A public gallery of the photos for each episode's cover art, including some unused takes, is available on Flickr here:
  • Episode 17, for Interesting Times, has the wrong year listed in the date in the RSS feed, so it appears after episode 4 in most directories. The date in the table below is the correct one.
  • With the release of episode 41, The Death of Podcasts became the second podcast to complete the journey of reading through every Discworld novel, after Radio Morpork.



The table below indexes all episodes of this podcast. They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme.

# Episode Date Book/Subject Guest(s) External link[1]
1 "The Colo(u)r of Magic" 2018-11-14 The Colour of Magic Website
2 “The Light Fantastic” 2018-12-15 The Light Fantastic Website
3 “Equal Rites” 2019-01-15 Equal Rites Website
4 “Mort” 2019-02-15 Mort Website
5 “Sourcery” 2019-03-15 Sourcery Website
6 “Wyrd Sisters” 2019-04-15 Wyrd Sisters Website
7 “Pyramids” 2019-05-15 Pyramids Website
8 “Guards! Guards!” 2019-06-15 Guards! Guards! Website
9 “Eric” 2019-07-15 Eric Website
10 “Moving Pictures” 2019-07-15 Moving Pictures Website
11 “Reaper Man” 2019-08-15 Reaper Man Website
12 “Witches Abroad” 2019-09-15 Witches Abroad Website
13 “Small Gods” 2019-10-15 Small Gods Matt Rowbotham Website
14 “Lords and Ladies” 2019-11-15 Lords and Ladies Website
15 “Men at Arms” 2019-12-15 Men at Arms Website
16 “Soul Music” 2020-01-15 Soul Music Website
17 “Interesting Times” 2020-02-15 Interesting Times Website
18 “Maskerade” 2020-03-15 Maskerade Website
19 “Feet of Clay” 2020-04-15 Feet of Clay Website
20 “Hogfather” 2020-05-15 Hogfather Brian Lynch Website
21 “Jingo” 2020-06-15 Jingo Website
22 “The Last Continent” 2020-07-15 The Last Continent Website
23 “Carpe Jugulum” 2020-08-15 Carpe Jugulum Website
24 “The Fifth Elephant” 2020-09-15 The Fifth Elephant Website
25 “The Truth” 2020-10-15 The Truth Website
26 “Thief of Time” 2020-11-15 Thief of Time Website
27 “The Last Hero” 2020-12-15 The Last Hero Website
28 “The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents” 2020-12-15 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Website
29 “Night Watch” 2021-01-15 Night Watch Website
30 “The Wee Free Men” 2021-02-15 The Wee Free Men Terry Drosdak Website
31 “Monstrous Regiment” 2021-03-15 Monstrous Regiment Website
32 “A Hat Full of Sky” 2021-04-15 A Hat Full of Sky Website
33 “Going Postal” 2021-05-15 Going Postal Website
34 “Thud!” 2021-06-15 Thud! Website
35 “Wintersmith” 2021-07-15 Wintersmith Website
36 “Making Money” 2021-08-15 Making Money Website
37 “Unseen Academicals” 2021-09-15 Unseen Academicals Website
38 “I Shall Wear Midnight” 2021-10-15 I Shall Wear Midnight Website
39 “Snuff” 2021-11-15 Snuff Website
40 “Raising Steam” 2021-12-15 Raising Steam Website
41 “The Shepherd's Crown” 2022-01-15 The Shepherd's Crown Website

Patreon bonus episodes

In addition to getting early access to the main podcast episodes above, Patreon subscribers also received access to the following exclusive episodes:

# Episode Date Book/Subject
1 “Diggers” 2020-07-01 Diggers
2 “Nation” 2020-07-18 Nation
3 “The Watch” 2021-02-20 The Watch


  1. These links are to the show’s index of episodes, with an anchor that should point you to the right place in the list.