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The Watch is a 2021 BBC America television series "inspired by characters created by Terry Pratchett". It began as an attempt to make a fairly straightforward translation of the City Watch books characters into a procedural crime drama, but ended up somewhere quite different after many years in development. It has been quite divisive, with many fans - including celebrity ones - disowning it.



The Watch has had one season of eight episodes.

# Broadcast Date[1] Episode Title Synopsis
1 2021-01-03 A Near Vimes Experience Captain Sam Vimes of the Ank-Morpork City Watch has a near-Death experience when he tracks down Carcer Dun, a criminal from his past, who he saw die twenty years ago.
2 2021-01-03 Ook Carcer uses a magical book to summon a Noble Dragon. The Watch investigate the Unseen University to find out who stole it for him, while confronting their fears of actively fighting actual crime.
3 2021-01-10 The What? In order to infiltrate the Assassin's Guild, the Watch form a band. Meanwhile Lady Sybil goes in alone and finds the man who murdered her parents.
4 2021-01-17 Twilight Canyons Carcer and the Watch both head to Twilight Canyons, a cursed retirement home, in search of an artefact that can control the dragon.
5 2021-01-24 Not On My Watch Vimes decides to destroy the magical sword rather than let it fall into the wrong hands, leading him to clash with Sybil.
6 2021-01-31 The Dark in the Dark The search for two more artefacts leads Cheery to return to her old mine - and to face “the Dark in the Dark”.
7 2021-02-07 Nowhere in the Multiverse Carcer and Wonse persuade the Observers, whom Carcer serves, to swap “the worst version of Sam Vimes” with the one they know as a ploy to destroy the Watch.
8 2021-02-14 Better to Light a Candle Carcer collects all three artefacts and calls the dragon, forcing the Watch to try a last-ditch plan to save the city.

Podcast episodes

Major appearances

These are episodes primarily devoted to discussing this series.

Date Show Episode Topic External link
2020-10-11 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret “Arbitrary But Strongly Held” NYCC The Watch Panel Reaction
2020-10-20 Radio Morpork “Bonus Episode: Discussing the trailer for BBC America’s The Watch” The trailer
2021-01-16 Who Watches the Watch “WE WATCH THE WATCH” Episodes “Near Vimes Experience” & “Ook
2021-01-20 Who Watches the Watch “The Elon Musk of Bean Dads” Episode “The What?
2021-01-28 Who Watches the Watch “Please Clap” Episode “Twilight Canyons
2021-02-04 Who Watches the Watch “Marginalised Cops” Episode “Not On My Watch
2021-02-12 Who Watches the Watch “Direct Me to the Gender Button” Episode “The Dark in the Dark
2021-02-18 Who Watches the Watch “Captain Planet of Media Podcasts” Episode “Nowhere in the Multiverse
2021-02-26 Who Watches the Watch “The Watch? Completed it m8” Episode “Better to Light a Candle
2021-02-20 The Death of Podcasts DOP B3[2] The series N/A
2021-08-13 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret Bonus: “The Watch feat. Marc Burrows (Machina Ex Deus)” The series
2022-02-08 Pratchat “A Near-Watch Experience” The series
2023-06-01 Tread Perilously[3] “The Watch: The Dark in the Dark” Episode “The Dark in the Dark
2024-01-07 British Invaders “The Watch (Part 1)” (1/?) The series
2024-01-21 British Invaders “The Watch (Part 2)” (2/?) The series

Other appearances

Episodes where this series is discussed, but not as the main topic.

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  1. This is the original broadcast date on BBC America. Episodes were also released on the Australian streaming platform Stan on the same day (local Australian time). The entire season was released in the UK on BBC iPlayer on 1 July, 2021.
  2. Patreon-exclusive bonus episode.
  3. The premise of this podcast, a spin-off of The Satellite Show, is that they watch the worst episodes of popular shows.