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Just Dads Reading Books
Just Dads Reading Books logo
Hosted byE. J. Sanders and Matt Martens
Theme music composed byRussian Baths
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes21 (as of 13 May 2023)
Original release14 January 2023 – present

Publisher Description

Just Dads Reading Books is about judging your children for what they read. E.J. Sanders and Matt Martens investigate children's books and young adult novels so you don't have to. We'll never tell kids they can't read something, but we will try to make them feel cool for reading the good stuff.

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  • One of a few American podcasts that seem to class all of the Discworld series as Young Adult fiction. (See also Dragon Babies.)


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  • E.J. Sanders
  • Matt Martens


The table below indexes episodes of this podcast which focus on the Discworld or other works by Pratchett (or other works listed in this wiki). They are listed by default in release order.

# Episode Title Date Book/Subject External link DW#[1]
6 “Mort" 2023-01-27 Guards! Guards! RedCircle 8
18 “Howl’s Moving Castle” 2023-04-20 Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones RedCircle
21 “Mort" 2023-05-11 Mort RedCircle 4


  1. Sort by this column to see episodes in Discworld publication order.