Unseen Academicals (podcast)

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Unseen Academicals
Hosted byJoshua Bulleid, Alice Capstick
Audio formatmp3
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes9 (so far)
Original release4 April 2021 – present
ProviderDoctor Prometheus
Related showsOf the Devil's Party
Support pagePatreon

Publisher Description

A monthly examination of Terry Pratchett's Discworld book series from an academic perspective, hosted by literature scholars Joshua Bulleid and Alice Capstick.

Episode Transcripts and Bibliographies: https://monash.academia.edu/JoshuaBulleid/Podcasts

Support on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/unseenacademicals

Contact: unseenacademicalspod@gmail.com

A Doctor Prometheus podcast.

Further Information

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The table below indexes full episodes of this podcast (not including trailers, previews and episodes of other podcasts). They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme.

# Episode Date Book/Subject Guest(s) Episode link DW#[1]
1 "Unseen Academicals" 2021-04-04 Unseen Academicals None Sounder 37
2 "Equal Rites" 2021-04-04 Equal Rites None Sounder 3
3 Wyrd Sisters 2021-05-01 Wyrd Sisters None Sounder 6
4A "Witches Abroad - Part 1" 2021-05-29 Witches Abroad (1/3) None Sounder 12
4B "Witches Abroad - Part 2" 2021-06-12 Witches Abroad (2/3) None Sounder 12
4C "Witches Abroad - Part 3" 2021-06-19 Witches Abroad (3/3) None Sounder 12
5A UAP 05A 2021-07-31 Lords and Ladies (1/2) None Sounder 14
5B UAP 05B 2021-08-28 Lords and Ladies (2/2) None Sounder 14
6 UAP 06 2021-10-09 Maskerade None Sounder 18
7A UAP 07A 2021-11-20 Carpe Jugulum (1/2) None Sounder 23
7B UAP 07B 2022-02-21 Carpe Jugulum (2/2) None Sounder 23
- "We Aten't Dead" 2022-04-09 Delay in schedule None Sounder
- "Wotcher' Been Readin? April, 2022" 2022-04-25 The Books of Jacob by Olga Tokarczuk
The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare
Northern Lights by Philip Pullman
None Sounder
8 UAP 08 2022-05-07 Mort None Sounder 4
9A UAP 09A 2022-06-13 Reaper Man (1/2) None Sounder 11
9B UAP 09B 2022-07-06 Reaper Man (2/2) None Sounder 11
- "Heavy Blog Review Pod" 2022-07-23 An episode of host Josh's metal review podcast None Sounder
10A "Soul Music, Part 1: Magical Music" 2022-08-22 Soul Music (1/2) Eden Kupermitz Sounder 16


  1. Sort by this column to get episodes in the Discworld publication order. Non-Discworld books (and episodes about other topics) leave this column blank.