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Nigel Planer is an English actor, writer and comedian, best known for being part of the “alternative comedy” scene of the 1980s, most famously in the role of Neil the Hippie, which originated with the BBC sitcom The Young Ones. He has since appeared in many television shows and films, but is best known to Discworld fans as the first narrator of the unabridged audiobooks. He has also appeared in Discworld television series and videogames, and is an author and playwright.


As audiobook narrator

Planer narrated unabridged audiobooks of most of the Discworld novels up to Carpe Jugulum for Isis Books from 1995 until 2000, when Stephen Briggs became their regular narrator. The books he narrated are:




  • Discworld II - Albert, Bursar, Foul Ole Ron, Reg Shoe, Mad Drongo, Beekeeper, Fool, Troll Bartender, Dead Collector, Mortician, Camel Salesman, Uri Djeller, Trainer, Bogeyman, Count, Elf #2, Assassin
  • Discworld Noir - Gaspode, Count Henning Von Uberwald, Malaclypse, Al Khali, Warb, Satrap, Zombie, Remora Selachii, Rhodan, Kondo, Watchman, Clerk's Gable, Right Palace Guard, Patrician's Clerk #2

Podcast episodes

Nigel Planer hasn’t appeared on any of the podcasts we include on the wiki.

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