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Discworld Noir is a 1999 point-and-click or graphic adventure game based on the Discworld novels. Unlike the previous two games, it has an original character and story which includes plenty of parody of classic film noir detective stories. It was released for Windows PCs and the Sony PlayStation console.

The player controls Lewton, an ex-City Watch guard in Ankh-Morpork who quit to become the Discworld’s first private investigator. Lewton is hired by a mystery woman named Carlotta von Uberwald to find Mundy, a man who’s disappeared two days after returning to the city from Tsort. There are many references to classic noir cinema, most notably Casablanca. Like the other videogames it is not considered part of the “canonical” Discworld, but it is intended to be set between Feet of Clay and Jingo.[1]

Discworld Noir was developed by Perfect Entertainment, who had previously produced Discworld and Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!?, but they had already gone into insolvency by the time the game was finished. The company was briefly resurrected as Teeny Weeny Games, the name of one of the companies that had merged to create Perfect Entertainment in the first place. The game was published by GT Interactive, and was the cause of a court case between Perfect and Sony over a three-game deal.


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Creative Team


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Colin Smythe is credited as “Agent for Terry Pratchett”, and Pratchett himself as “Far Too Much Interference” for his contributions to the story. Victor Gollancz and Josh Kirby are both given special thanks.


The small cast provides voices for all the characters in the game.

Podcast episodes

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2024-04-24 Adventure Games Podcast “Interview with Chris Bateman - Discworld Noir” adventuregamespodcast.com

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2024-01-02 Video Game Newsroom Time Machine “Gregg Barnett - Beam Software, Discworld” libsyn.com

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  1. See this interview from 1999 with writer Chris Bateman in Discworld Monthly (now Better than a Poke in the Eye).