Books w/ Bitches

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Books w/ Bitches
Books w/ Bitches podcast logo
Hosted byMadison and Maria
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes49 (as of June 2023)
Original release7 April 2022 – present

Publisher Description

Books! w/ Bitches is a podcast of two lifelong friends that feel the need to add extra commentary on the books they read. With having a long-distance friendship, they created a way to ensure they stay in contact with each other and keep their friendship strong. Join Madison and Maria as they dive into any book they can agree on and discuss the characters, plot and sometimes even their own lives. BYEEEEE!

Further Information


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  • The blurb uses an exclamation mark in the title, but the podcast feed and logo do not.


  • Madison - co-host, most episodes; solo host of the unhinged bonus episodes
  • Maria - co-host, most episodes


The table below indexes episodes of this podcast which focus on the Discworld or other works by Pratchett (or other works listed in this wiki). They are listed by default in release order.

S E Episode Title Date Book/Subject External link DW#
2 1 “Good Omens THE Beginning to Thursday” (1/4) 2022-08-18 Good Omens
2 2 “Good Omens Thursday to Mid Saturday” (2/4) 2022-08-25 Good Omens
2 3 “Good Omens Mid Saturday- THE END” (3/4) 2022-09-01 Good Omens
2 4 “Good Omens Buzzed Review” (4/4) 2022-09-08 Good Omens
3 - “Unhinged Bonus Episode 2 MORT” 2023-06-21 Mort 4