I’ve Never Read Discworld

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I’ve Never Read Discworld
Hosted byP J Hart, Andy Luke
Audio formatmp3
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes1 (so far)
Original release18 September 2022 – present

Publisher Description

A podcast exploring Pratchett's Discworld one book at a time with city watcher @pjhart86 and tourist @andrewluke (Keep im spoiler-free pls!)

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The table below indexes all episodes of this podcast. They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme.

# Episode Date Book/Subject Episode link
1 “Book 1. The Colour of Magic” 2022-09-18 The Colour of Magic Anchor
2 “Book 2. THE LIGHT FANTASTIC” 2022-10-20 The Light Fantastic Anchor
3 “Ep. 3 The Colour of Magic REDUX: TV, Comics” 2022-11-02 TV and graphic novel adaptations of first two novels Anchor
4 “Book 3. EQUAL RITES” 2022-11-24 Equal Rites Anchor
5 “Book 4. Mort” 2022-12-17 Mort Anchor
6 “Book 5. Sourcery” 2023-01-25 Sourcery Anchor
7 “Book 6. Wyrd Sisters” 2023-02-20 Wyrd Sisters Anchor
8 “Book 7. Pyramids” 2023-04-03 Pyramids Spotify
9 “Book 8. Guards! Guards!” 2023-05-09 Guards! Guards! Spotify
10 “Book 9: Eric” 2023-06-19 Eric Spotify
11 “Book 10. Moving Pictures” 2023-07-10 Moving Pictures Spotify
12 “Book 11. Reaper Man” 2023-08-05 Reaper Man Spotify
13 “Ep. 13 Mort: A Big Comic” 2023-10-10 Graphic novel adaptation of Mort Spotify
14 “Book 12. Witches Abroad” 2023-11-07 Witches Abroad Spotify
15 “Ep. 14 Casting Couch!” 2023-12-12 Discworld fan-casting Spotify