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Going Postal (or Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal[1]) is a two-part 2010 television film adapting Going Postal. It was the last of three Discworld adaptations produced by The Mob and broadcast on Sky One in the UK.


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Creative Team



  • Richard Coyle as Moist von Lipwig
  • Charles Dance as Lord Vetinari
  • David Suchet as Reacher Gilt
  • Claire Foy as Adora Belle Dearheart
  • Andrew Sachs as Groat
  • Timothy West as Ridcully
  • Steve Pemberton as Drumknott
  • Madhav Sharma as Crispin Horsefry
  • Ian Bonar as Stanley Howler
  • Nicholas Farrell (voice) and Marnix Van Den Broeke (body) as Mr. Pump
  • Adrian Schiller as Mr. Gryle

Supporting Cast

  • Paul Barber as Dave Pins
  • John Henshaw as Mr. Pony
  • Don Warrington as Priest
  • Tamsin Greig as Miss Cripslock
  • Jimmy Yuill as Mr. Spools
  • Daniel Cerqueira as Trooper
  • Ingrid Bolsø Berdal as Sergeant Angua
  • Ben Crompton as Mad Al
  • Asif Khan as Sane Alex
  • Paula Lane as Princess
  • Alex Price as Roger
  • Gabrielle Hamilton as Old Lady
  • Terry Pratchett as Postman
  • Tamás Mohai as John Dearheart
  • Anna Györgyi as Sapphire
  • Béla Székely as Undertaker
  • Anna Erdos as Shop Girl
  • Matt Devere as Parker
  • Angéla Eke as Receptionist
  • Mike Kelly as Hobson
  • István Göz as Cashier
  • Szabolcs Thuróczy as Maitre d'
  • Richard Usher as Aggy
  • Gäbor Atlasz as Farmer
  • Tamás Sághy as Bank Clerk
  • Christopher Boote as Ankh-Morpork Citizen
  • Oszkár Ács as Otto Chriek (uncredited)


Going Postal consists of two parts. Note that the synopses below will contain spoilers.

# Broadcast Date[2] Episode Title Synopsis
1 2010-05-29 Part 1 Conman Moist von Lipwig is caught by Lord Vetinari and given one chance to avoid the hangman’s noose: revitalise the Ankh-Morpork Post Office, which has languished since the rise of the Clacks semaphore message service. The last two employees, Stanley and Mr Groat, explain that the Office is cursed, with the previously appointed Post Masters dying mysteriously. Moist is watched by the golem bodyguard Mr Pump, and in his attempt to escape he visits the Golem Trust where he becomes smitten with Adora Belle Dearheart. Moist starts delivering letters, restoring the Post Office building and invents the postage stamp, improving the Post Office's image with the public. His progress is opposed by Reacher Gilt, the ruthless capitalist who has monopolised the Clacks and destroyed its previous owner, Adora Belle’s father, and (she suspects) killed her brother. Moist realises one of his own scams caused Dearneart to lose the Clacks to Gilt, but as he is admitting this to her over dinner, Gilt’s assassin, Mr Gryle, sets the Post Office on fire...
2 2010-05-31 Part 2 Moist runs into the building, where Gryle corners him and reveals he works for Gilt and killed Adora Belle’s brother. Moist appeals to the unsent letters, which have been speaking to him, and they kill Gryle. He escapes, but the Office is destroyed. He fakes an appeal to the gods as a way to cover retrieving the proceeds of an old scam, which he uses to rebuild the Office. With the help of returning old postmen and hired Golem Trust golems, and continuing problems with the Clacks, the Post Office enters into an escalating battle between the two services that culminates in a race proposed by Moist: the Post Office and the Clacks will compete to take a message to Überwald. Moist rides with the message himself on horseback, but abandons the race and returns. He is caught and about to be hanged for once more trying to escape, but buys enough time for word to reach Ankh-Morpork that the Clacks message has reached Überwald - but it’s not the one from the contest. With help from a group of Clacks “hackers” and Adora Belle, Moist substituted evidence of Gilt’s nefarious business dealings and murder. Gilt goes on the run, the Clacks is temporarily shut down, the Post Office is a success once more and Moist and Adora Belle get engaged.

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  1. The “Terry Ratchet’s” prefix seems to have been de-emphasised for this third adaptation, but does still appear on DVD covers etc.
  2. This is the original broadcast date on Sky One.