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Tessa Swehla (she/her). Tessa is a PhD student in English Literature, and a podcast host and writer for pop culture site monkeyoffmybacklog.com.

Podcast episodes

As host

See: Nanny Ogg's Book Club.

Tessa also hosts a podcast not listed in this wiki:

  • Monkey Off My Backlog - A "Pop Culture Productivity Podcast" in which three hosts go through their personal pop culture backlogs and discuss (spoiler free) what they've been listening to, watching, reading, playing or experiencing.

As guest

While Tessa has not yet appeared on any other Pratchett podcasts, her appearance talking about Discworld on co-host Nigel's show Hyperfixations led directly to the creation of Nanny Ogg's Book Club. (See the Other Podcasts list for more shows like this.)

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