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These are books and short stories written by Terry Pratchett which are not part of the Discworld series. (There's a separate list of books by other authors.)


Title Publication Date Wiki Shortcut[1] Co-author Series Series # L-Space wiki link
The Carpet People 1971-11-16 TCP The Carpet People
The Dark Side of the Sun 1976-05-10 TDSOTS The Dark Side of the Sun
Strata 1981-06-15 ST Strata
Truckers 1989-09-25 T The Bromeliad 1 Truckers
The Unadulterated Cat 1989-10-05 TUC Gray Jolliffe The Unadulterated Cat
Diggers 1990-04-05 D The Bromeliad 2 Diggers
Good Omens 1990-05-10 GO Neil Gaiman Good Omens
Wings 1990-09-21 WI The Bromeliad 3 Wings
Only You Can Save Mankind 1992-09-17 OY Johnny Maxwell 1 Only You Can Save Mankind
Johnny and the Dead 1993-05-27 JATD Johnny Maxwell 2 Johnny and the Dead
Johnny and the Bomb 1996-04-04 JATB Johnny Maxwell 3 Johnny and the Bomb
Nation 2008-09-11 N Nation
Dodger 2012-09-13 DO Dodger
The Long Earth 2012-06-19 TLE Stephen Baxter The Long Earth 1 The Long Earth
The Long War 2013-06-18 TLW Stephen Baxter The Long Earth 2 The Long War
The Long Mars 2014-06-17 TLM Stephen Baxter The Long Earth 3 The Long Mars
The Long Utopia 2015-06-18 TLU Stephen Baxter The Long Earth 4 The Long Utopia
The Long Cosmos 2016-06-14 TLCO Stephen Baxter The Long Earth 5 The Long Cosmos


Title Publication Date Wiki Shortcut[1] Description L-Space wiki link
Once More* *with Footnotes 2004-09-30 OMWF Short fiction and non-fiction; includes some Discworld short stories Once More* *with Footnotes
A Blink of the Screen 2012-10-11 BS Short fiction; includes all the Discworld short stories A Blink of the Screen
Dragons at Crumbling Castle 2014-09-11 DCC Early children's stories Dragons at Crumbling Castle
A Slip of the Keyboard 2014-09-25 SK Short non-fiction A Slip of the Keyboard
The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner 2016-08-25 TWVC Early children's stories The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner
Father Christmas's Fake Beard 2017-10-05 FCFB Early children's stories Father Christmas's Fake Beard
The Time-travelling Caveman 2020-09-01 TTTC Early children's stories The Time-travelling Caveman


  1. 1.0 1.1 A template with this abbreviated name has been set up to allow for quickly linking to this book. Type the acronym in braces, e.g. {{RM}} will produce Reaper Man. These have been matched to those used by the L-Space Wiki. Where a book's title or obvious abbreviation would conflict with that of a podcast, the book is given precedence and a "P" (for "podcast") is appended to the podcast's abbreviation; for example RMP for the Radio Morpork podcast. These shortcuts can also be used to link to the L-Space wiki or Wikipedia entry for the same book; just append |ls or |w after the abbreviation inside the braces respectively. e.g. {{D|ls}} will produce Diggers, and {{D|w}} will produce Diggers.