Once More* *with Footnotes

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Once More* *with Footnotes
AuthorTerry Pratchett
Cover artistOmar Rayyan
Release number
GenreScience fiction and fantasy
PublisherNESFA Press
Publication date
Followed byA Blink of the Screen 

Once More* *with Footnotes is the first major anthology of short works by Terry Pratchett, published in 2004 by the “publishing pseudopod” of the New England Science Fiction Association. It contains a mix of fiction and nonfiction, and most of its contents were later collected in two volumes by Pratchett’s own publisher Doubleday: the fiction in A Blink of the Screen, and the nonfiction in A Slip of the Keyboard. Once More* *with Footnotes did not remain in print, and is now considered a collector’s item.


Over the years, in addition to his wildly popular Discworld, Johnny Maxwell, and Nome books, Terry Pratchett has also written an assortment of short stories, articles, introductions, and ephemera. These have appeared in books, magazines, newspapers, anthologies, and program books, many of which are now hard to find. Here in one convenient volume, with introductory notes from Mr. Pratchett, are such elusive pieces as: The Hades Business, Once and Future, The Secret Book of the Dead, Hollywood Chickens, Turntables of the Night, Final Reward, Twenty Pence with Envelope and Seasonal Greeting, and more.


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