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This is the list of books written by authors other than Terry Pratchett which have been given major coverage by the podcasts listed in this wiki. For a list of Pratchett's works, see the lists of Discworld and non-Discworld books. (Co-authored books by Pratchett will appear in those lists, not here.)


This particularly includes books about Terry Pratchett or the Discworld.

Title Author Publication Date Category Abbr.[1] L-Space wiki link
The Magic of Terry Pratchett Marc Burrows 2020-10-19 Biography TMOTP The Magic of Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes Rob Wilkins 2022-09-29 Biography ALWF Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes


These include the work of other authors enjoyed by podcast hosts, and work written by podcast hosts and guests (if featured on a podcast).

Title Author Publication Date Series Series # Abbr.[1] Wikipedia link
The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams 1979-10-12 Hitchhikers' Trilogy 1 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Sabriel Garth Nix 1995-05-?? The Old Kingdom 1 Sabriel
Lirael Garth Nix 2001-??-?? The Old Kingdom 2 Lirael
Abhorsen Garth Nix 2003-??-?? The Old Kingdom 3 Abhorsen
Rivers of London[2] Ben Aaronovitch 2011-01-10 Peter Grant 1 Rivers of London
Gideon the Ninth Tamsyn Muir 2019-09-10 The Locked Tomb 1 Gideon the Ninth
Harrow the Ninth Tamsyn Muir 2020-08-04 The Locked Tomb 2 Harrow the Ninth
Nona the Ninth Tamsyn Muir 2022-09-13 The Locked Tomb 3 Nona the Ninth
The Crystal of Storms Rhianna Pratchett 2020-10-01 Fighting Fantasy 17[3] Fighting Fantasy - Scholastic Books (2017-)


  1. 1.0 1.1 Books that are likely to appear multiple times may have a template set up using this abbreviation to make linking to them easier. Type the acronym in braces, e.g. {{RM}} will produce Reaper Man. These shortcuts may also link to external articles by supplying a further parameter; for example {{RM|ls}} produces a link to the L-Space wiki article, like this: Reaper Man. (See Template:BookShortcut for more info.) Note that shortcuts for Pratchett's works and for podcasts are given precedence over books by other authors where they might conflict.
  2. Originally published as Midnight Riot in the US.
  3. This is the book's numbering in the modern Scholastic series of Fighting Fantasy books, which has no relation to the numbering of the originals.