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Ben Aaronovitch is a British writer and known Terry Pratchett fan, best known these days for the Peter Grant series of urban fantasy novels, beginning with Rivers of London. These were partially inspired by a comment in The Science of Discworld that if magic existing on Roundworld, Isaac Newton would have discovered it. Prior to that he worked in television, notably writing a stories for each of the final two seasons of the original run of Doctor Who, as well as the novelisation of one for Target Books and three original Doctor Who novels for Virgin Books.


We've only included Aaronvich's modern novels and short story collections here; for a more complete list, including his television work, see his his Wikipedia entry and the one for the Peter Grant series.

Title Publication Date Series Series # Wikipedia link Notes
Rivers of London 2011-01-10 Peter Grant 1 Rivers of London Novel.
Moon Over Soho 2011-04-21 Peter Grant 2 Moon Over Soho Novel.
Whispers Under Ground 2012-06-21 Peter Grant 3 Whispers Under Ground Novel.
Broken Homes 2013-07-25 Peter Grant 4 Broken Homes Novel.
Foxglove Summer 2014-11-13 Peter Grant 5 Foxglove Summer Novel.
The Hanging Tree 2016-11-03 Peter Grant 6 The Hanging Tree Novel.
The Furthest Station 2017-06-30 Peter Grant 5.2 The Furthest Station Novella.
Lies Sleeping 2018-11 Peter Grant 7 N/A Novel.
The October Man 2019-06 Peter Grant 7.1 N/A Novella introducing new characters.
False Value 2020-02-20 Peter Grant 8 N/A Novel.
Tales from the Folly 2020-11 Peter Grant - N/A Short story collection.
What Abigail Did That Summer 2021-03-18 Peter Grant 5.1 N/A Novella.
Amongst Our Weapons 2022-04-07 Peter Grant 9 N/A Novel.
Winter's Gifts 2023-06 Peter Grant 7.2 N/A Novella.


  • A television adaptation of the Peter Grant series is in production.
  • A roleplaying game based on the Peter Grant series was published in 2022 by Chaosium.

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