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This page lists adaptations of Pratchett’s works. It’s divided up into lists for different media, though as there are so many of them, we have a separate list just for audiobooks. Most of the games are not direct adaptations of books, so we have given them their own page as well.

Screen adaptations

Official films and television series

These are officially licensed productions, usually made with Pratchett or a trusted friend as an executive producer, or in later years co-produced by Narrativia.

Title Release Date[1] Abbr.[2] Based on Format Produced by #[3]
Truckers 1992-01-10 TTV Truckers Stop-motion animated television series Cosgrove Hall B1
Johnny and the Dead 1995-04-04 TTV Johnny and the Dead Live-action television mini-series London Weekend Television J2
Welcome to the Discworld 1996[4] WTTD Reaper Man Animated short film Cosgrove Hall 11
Wyrd Sisters 1997-05-11[5] WSTV Wyrd Sisters Animated television mini-series Cosgrove Hall 7
Soul Music 1997-12-27[5] SMTV Soul Music Animated television mini-series Cosgrove Hall 16
Johnny and the Bomb 2006-01-15 JATBTV Johnny and the Bomb Live-action television mini-series Childsplay Television J3
Terry Pratchett's Hogfather 2006-12-17 HTV Hogfather Live-action television mini-series The Mob 20
Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic 2008-03-23 COMTV The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic Live-action television mini-series The Mob 1
Going Postal 2010-05-30 GPTV Going Postal Live-action television mini-series The Mob 33
Troll Bridge[6] 2019-01-16 TBF Troll Bridge Live-action short film Snowgum Films
Good Omens 2019-05-31[7] GOTV Good Omens Live-action television series Amazon Prime/BBC
The Watch 2021-01-03[8] TWTV The Watch books[9] Live-action television series BBC America
The Amazing Maurice 2022-12-16[10] TAMF Going Postal Animated feature film Ulysses FilmProduktion et al 28

Fan films

Some of these were produced with explicit permission; others under an assumption they’d be okay since they were clearly student or amateur work.[11] The L-Space wiki has a single fan films page that lists all of these.

Title Release Date[1] Based on Format Produced by External link
Mort 2001 Mort Short stop-motion animation Garrett Gilchrist YouTube: Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3
Terry Pratchett’s Lords and Ladies[12] 2004 Lords and Ladies Feature-length fan film Almost No Money Productions YouTube (trailer only)
Run Rincewind Run 2007 Original story Short live-action film Snowgum Films Vimeo
Nation (extract) 2009 Nation Short stop-motion animated fan film Billy Godfrey N/A
Poslední odměna[13] 2013 Final Reward Short live-action student film Lasidlav Plecitý YouTube
Terry Pratchett's The Duel 2015 Original story Short animated student film Giant Animation Studios Vimeo

Radio and Audio Drama

As mentioned above, audiobooks have their own page; this section is only for full-cast dramatic productions and other audio versions for broadcast or which involve adaptation.

Title Release Date[1] Abbr.[2] Based on Format Produced by #[3]
The Colour of Magic[14] 1984 The Colour of Magic Serialised reading BBC (on Women’s Hour) 1
Equal Rites[14] 1987 Equal Rites Serialised reading BBC (on Women’s Hour) 3
Guards! Guards! 1992 GGR Guards! Guards! Radio drama series BBC 8
Wyrd Sisters 1995 WSR Wyrd Sisters Radio drama series BBC 7
Only You Can Save Mankind 1996 OYR Only You Can Save Mankind Radio drama series BBC J1
The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents 2002 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Serialised reading BBC (on The 4 O’Clock Show) 28
The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents 2003 TAMR The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Radio drama series BBC 28
Mort 2004 MRAD Mort Radio drama series BBC 4
Small Gods 2006 SGR Small Gods Radio drama series BBC 13
Night Watch 2008 NWR Night Watch Radio drama series BBC 29
Nation 2010 Nation Serialised reading BBC
Eric 2013 ERAD Eric Radio drama series BBC 9
Good Omens 2014 GOR Good Omens Radio drama series BBC
Unseen Academicals 2018 UAA Unseen Academicals Audio drama Audible 37

Theatre and Other Live Performance

Many of the novels have been adapted for the amateur stage by Stephen Briggs; these are generally very faithful to the books and the popular ones (in particular Mort and Wyrd Sisters) have been staged hundreds of times. See Briggs' article for a full list of his adaptations; we'll only include professional and particularly noteworthy ones here. You'll find more information about stage performances in the Adaptations section of the book they're based on.

Title First Production[15] Based on Adapted by Directed by Produced by #[3]
Truckers[16] 2002 Truckers Bob Eaton Bob Eaton Belgrade Theatre, Harrogate Theatre, the Theatre Royal B1
Nation[17] 2009 Nation Mark Ravenhill Melly Still National Theatre

More details to be added.


Title Release Date Based on Format Adapted by Publisher #[3]
The Colour of Magic 1991 The Colour of Magic Comic book series Scott Rockwell and Steven Ross Innovative Corporation/Corgi (collected editions) 1
The Light Fantastic 1992 The Light Fantastic Comic book series Scott Rockwell and Steven Ross Innovative Corporation/Corgi (collected editions) 2
Mort: A Discworld Big Comic 1994 Mort Graphic novel[18] Terry Pratchett and Graham Higgins Gollancz 4
Guards! Guards! 2000 Guards! Guards! Graphic novel[18] Stephen Briggs[19] and Graham Higgins Gollancz 8
Small Gods 2016 Small Gods Graphic novel Terry Pratchett and Ray Friesen Doubleday 13
Good Omens: the Official (and Ineffable) Graphic Novel 2024[20] Good Omens Graphic novel Colleen Doran Dunmanifestin


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  2. 2.0 2.1 A template using this abbreviation has been set up to make linking to this adaptation easier. Type the acronym in braces, e.g. {{GOTV}} will produce Good Omens. By convention, we’re hiding the parenthetical distinctions like “(TV series)” for adaptations that use the same name as the original work; where it’s not obvious in context, use a regular wiki link and be explicit, e.g. “unlike in the television adaptation of Good Omens”.
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  6. While more-or-less a fan film, Troll Bridge had official permission from Pratchett and is such a huge production it feels more appropriate to list it with the other official screen adaptations.
  7. This is the streaming release date for all episodes on Amazon Prime. It was later broadcast weekly on BBC Two, beginning on 15 January 2020.
  8. This is the streaming release date for the first two episodes on BBC America in the US and Stan in Australia. It was released on BBC iPlayer on 1 July 2021, and eventually broadcast on BBC Two from 12 August 2021.
  9. Rather than adapting a single book, The Watch creates a new story drawing primarily on ideas from Guards! Guards!, Night Watch and Thud!.
  10. This was the premiere on Sky Movies; it had a limited premiere at the Manchester Animation Festival on 13 November 2022.
  11. From a money-making perspective; we aren’t suggesting some of these aren’t very good!
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