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Soul Music is a seven-part traditionally animated 1997/1998[1] television series adapting Soul Music and originally broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK. It was developed by Acorn Media, and produced by Channel 4, Cosgrove Hall Films (who had previously made Truckers), ITEL, and Ventureworld Films. It followed the previous adaptation from the same team, Wyrd Sisters, which also featured Christopher Lee as Death.


A story of reality, fantasy and the bits in the middle.

Creative Team


  • Screenplay by Martin Jameson
  • Novel by Terry Pratchett
  • Directed by Jean Flynn
  • Produced by Jean Flynn, Mark Hall and Craig Hemmings
  • Music by Keith Hopwood and Phil Bush


  • Andy Hockley as Imp y Celyn
  • Debra Gillett as Susan Sto Helit
  • Christopher Lee as Death
  • Graham Crowden as Mustrum Ridcully
  • Neil Morrissey as Mort
  • Bernard Wrigley as Asphalt
  • Rob Rackstraw as Glod Glodsson, The Librarian
  • George Harris as Lias Bluestone
  • John Jardine as Impy's Dad
  • Brian Pringle as Albert
  • Rosalie Scase as Owner of Music Shop
  • Melissa Sinden as Ysabell
  • Jimmy Hibbert as Additional Voices
  • David Holt as Mr. Clete
  • Maggie Fox as Ms. Butts


Soul Music consists of seven 23-minute episodes, adding up to a "feature-length" runtime of 159 minutes. Note that the synopses below will contain spoilers.

# Broadcast Date[2] Episode Title Synopsis
1 1997-12- “TBC” To be added.
2 1997-12- “TBC” To be added.
3 1998-01- “TBC” To be added.
4 1998-01- “TBC” To be added.
5 1998-01- “TBC” To be added.
6 1998-01- “TBC” To be added.
7 1998-02- “TBC” To be added.

Podcast episodes

Major appearances

These are episodes primarily devoted to discussing this series.

Date Show Episode External link
2021-06-11 Who Watches the Watch "Funny episode, with a twist"
2021-06-28 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret "FAAATTTHHHAAA!"
2023-06-12 Nonsense Review "Soul Music"

None yet.

Other appearances

Episodes where the series is discussed, but not as the main topic.

Date Show Episode External link

None yet.

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  1. Sources differ on this point, but it does seem to have started broadcasting in December 1997.
  2. This is the original broadcast date on Channel 4.