The Fifth Elephant

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The Fifth Elephant
AuthorTerry Pratchett
Audio read byTony Robinson (Corgi);
Stephen Briggs (Isis)
TBA (new)
Cover artistJosh Kirby
Release number
Sub-seriesThe Watch
Publication date
Preceded byCarpe Jugulum 
Followed byThe Truth 


Podcast episodes

Major appearances

These are episodes primarily devoted to discussing this book.

Date Show Episode External link
2018-05-23 Radio Morpork “A Morporkian Werewolf in Uberwald”
2020-09-15 The Death of Podcasts “The Fifth Elephant”
2021-02-08 Pratchat “The King and the Hole of the King”
2021-02-28 Wyrd Sisters “The Fifth Elephant”
2021-05-30 Desert Island Discworld “Stuart Goldsmith and The Fifth Elephant”
2021-12-28 The Compleat Discography “The Fifth Elephant”
2022-05-07 Who Watches the Watch “Kids on Their Damn Clacks” (1/3)
2022-06-08 Who Watches the Watch “Morbius the Piss Vampire” (2/3)
2022-07-14 Who Watches the Watch “Mein Shaft” (3/3)
2022-06-12 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret “Orange You Glad I'm Not an Assassin” (1/3)
2022-06-19 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret “Oh No! Consequences!” (2/3)
2022-06-26 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret “The Cheese Course of Cosmic Horror” (3/3)
2022-09-28 Nanny Ogg's Book Club “The Fifth Elephant”
2023-08-03 Fiction Fans “The Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett”
2023-10-09 Disc Coverers “The Fifth Elephant”

Other appearances

Episodes where there's significant discussion of the book, but it's not the focus of the episode.

Date Show Episode External link
2015-06-22 The Pratchett Podcast “EPISODE36”

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