The Turtle Moves

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The Turtle Moves
Hosted byAlex Gilmour
Audio formatmp3
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes14 (so far)
Original release2008 – December 2014

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Technical Notes

The RSS feed for this podcast was re-purposed in January 2021 for Pterry Ptalk, making the original fourteen episodes unavailable. Dates here are guesses based on timestamps of Twitter and Tumblr posts about the original episodes.


  • By far the earliest Discworld podcast. For context, the first show reasonably described as a podcast was published in 2003, and the word podcast was coined in 2004.
  • Details for The Turtle Moves are difficult to come by. As was often the case for early podcasts, there's no dedicated website. Links to the episodes were posted on the Tumblr and Twitter feeds manually after they were published.
  • Not to be confused with The Turtle Moves Podcast! by "Dr. Possumhead Jones" launched in October 2021. That podcast, also released as an album, is inspired by the Church of the SubGenius and is not Discworld-related.



There seem to have been fourteen episodes produced between 2008 and 2014.

The table below indexes the episodes of this podcast for which information can be found. They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme.

# Episode Title Date[1] Book/Subject Episode link
1 (Unknown) 2008-??-?? Hogfather N/A
2 (Unknown) Unknown[2] Night Watch N/A
? (Unknown) 2009-04-28 Unknown N/A
? (Unknown) 2009-10-26 Unknown[3] N/A
7a (Unknown) 2010-06-23 Going Postal N/A
9 (Unknown) 2010-09-07 Unknown N/A
10 Mort & Zombies 2011-04-18 Mort? N/A
11 (Unknown) 2011-09-20 Unknown N/A
12 (Unknown) 2012-05-13 Pyramids, upcoming releases N/A
13 (Unknown) 2014-08-21 The Wee Free Men N/A
14 2014 Hogswatch episode 2014-12-? Hogfather[4] N/A


  1. Dates are based on tweets with episode links, though these seem to lag behind actual publication dates.
  2. Reposted on 12 November 2011, judging by this link shared on Twitter:
  3. Tweet for this episode says "Don'tgonearthe podcast", so it might be Carpe Jugulum.
  4. This might be a re-master or new edit of the first episode, as mentioned in this tweet from a few years earlier: