IfdefDEBUG + 'world/enough' + 'time'

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Note: the correct title of this story is “#ifdefDEBUG + 'world/enough' + 'time'”, but due to the way wiki software works, there's no way to have an article whose name starts with the “#" character or a lower-case letter. The shortcut template {{IDD}} is the easiest way to display the title linked to this article correctly.
#ifdefDEBUG + 'world/enough' + 'time'
by Terry Pratchett
CountryUnited Kingdom
Genre(s)Short story
Published inDigital Dreams
Once More* *with Footnotes
A Blink of the Screen
Publication typeAnthology
Media typePrint
Publication date1990-10-??


In the near future, artificial reality machine repairman Darren Thompson is summoned by the police to inspect a machine in which the user has died. That’s not a first for Darren – but there's something unusual about this particular corpse in the machine.

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2022-06-08 Pratchat “do { Podcast(); } while (unreadPratchetts > 0);” pratchatpodcast.com

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