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Caimh McDonnell is an Irish writer and author based in Manchester, best known for his Dublin "Trilogy” series of comic crime thrillers and its various spin-offs, and (as C. K. McDonnell) his comic urban fantasy series The Stranger Times. He’s a fan of both Terry Pratchett and Ben Aaronovitch, and has appeared on both The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret and Pratchat.


This list includes most of McDonnell's works. For a complete bibliography, see McDonnell’s Wikipedia entry. For books set in the universe of the Dublin “Trilogy”, we've used the chronological numbering from the reading order guide on Caimh’s website.

Title Publication Date Series Series # Wikipedia link Notes
A Man With One of Those Faces 2016 The Dublin “Trilogy” 5 N/A
The Day That Never Comes 2017 The Dublin “Trilogy” 6 N/A
Angels in the Moonlight 2017 The Dublin “Trilogy” 1 N/A
Last Orders 2018 The Dublin “Trilogy” 7 N/A
Disaster Inc 2018 McGarry Stateside 1 N/A Spin-off series from the Dublin “Trilogy”; follows Last Orders
I Have Sinned 2019 McGarry Stateside 2 N/A
How to Send a Message 2019 N/A Short fiction collection
The Quiet Man 2020 McGarry Stateside 3 N/A
The Final Game 2020 MCM Investigations 1 N/A Spin-off series from the Dublin “Trilogy”; follows Last Orders
Welcome to Nowhere 2020 N/A Stars supporting characters from the Stateside books
Things that Fell from the Sky 2020 N/A Short fiction collection
In Other News 2020 The Stranger Times N/A Short fiction collection; free via Caimh’s email list
Deccie Must Die 2022 MCM Investigations 2 N/A
Dead Man’s Sins 2021 The Dublin “Trilogy” 2 N/A
The Stranger Times 2021 The Stranger Times 1 N/A
This Charming Man 2022 The Stranger Times 2 N/A
Firewater Blues 2022 The Dublin “Trilogy” 3 N/A
The Family Jewels 2022 The Dublin “Trilogy” 4 N/A
Escape From Victory 2023 The Dublin “Trilogy” 4.5 N/A Novella
Love Will Tear Us Apart 2023 The Stranger Times 3 N/A
Relight My Fire 2024 The Stranger Times 4 N/A


None of McDonnell's novels have been adapted for other media so far.

Podcast episodes

Caimh produces two podcasts which feature short stories set in his own fictional worlds:

  • The Bunnycast - stories and news from Caimh, particularly to do with the Dublin “Trilogy” and its spin-offs (the protagonist of many of them is Bunny McGarry)
  • The Stranger Times Podcast - stories from the world of “The Stranger Times”

As guest

Date Show Episode External link
2023-02-06 The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret Bonus: “An Interview with C. K. McDonnell”
2023-09-08 Pratchat “Punching Up”

More to be added.

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