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Wikid Lizardz/Terry Pratchett
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Hosted byAnonymous
Audio formatmp3
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes1
Original release24 April 2021 – present

Publisher Description

Welcome back to another Epic Episode of Wikid Lizardz,

Today, we will be talking all about Terry Pratchett and what inspired him to write...

Further Information


  • While the host and the description of the podcast give the name of the show as "Wikid Lizardz", the podcast is actually published under the title "Terry Pratchett". It's reasonable to guess that the episode title was entered as the podcast title as well, probably in error. Only another episode of Wikid Lizardz will tell us...[1]
  • While this isn't intended to be a Pratchett or Discworld podcast, as the only episode is about Terry and the podcast itself is published as "Terry Pratchett" (probably in error), it feels right to include it.


  • The episode is a 14-minute biography of Terry Pratchett,[2] interrupted halfway by a host-read ad for The Colour of Magic.



The table below indexes all full episodes of this podcast (not including trailers and previews). They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme.

# Episode Title Date Book/Subject Episode link
1 Terry Pratchett 2021-04-24 Terry Pratchett


  1. The editor's guess is that this was either a school project or a trial run for a podcast project which was abandoned, which might explain why the only episode starts with "Welcome back"...
  2. This seems to be an edited version of the Wikipedia entry for Pratchett, with some additional commentary.
  3. Since there's a pretty good chance the host is a school student, and they haven't given their name in the podcast itself, we're choosing not to give their name here.