Truckers (TV series)

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Truckers is a thirteen-part stop-motion animated 1992 television series adapting Truckers, and the first screen adaptation of Pratchett’s work. It was produced by Cosgrove Hall, who went on to produce the first screen adaptation of the Discworld, using traditional animation.


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Creative Team


  • Screenplay by Brian Trueman
  • Novel by Terry Pratchett
  • Directed by Chris Taylor, Jackie Cockle and Francis Vose
  • Produced by Jackie Cockle, Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall


  • Joe McGann as Masklin
  • Edward Kelsey as The Thing
  • Debra Gillett as Grimma
  • Rosalie Williams as Gran'ma Morkie
  • John Jardine as Old Torrit
  • Nigel Carrington as Angelo De Haberdasheri
  • David Scase as Duke De Haberdasheri
  • Brian Southwood as Gurder of the Stationeri
  • Brian Trueman as Dorcas Del Icatessen
  • Jimmy Hibbert as Vinto Pimmie
  • Michael Hordern as Abbot of the Stationeri
  • Rob Rackstraw as Dave the Policeman


Truckers consists of thirteen 10-minute episodes, though it was also released on video edited together as a 110 minute film. Note that the synopses below will contain spoilers.

# Broadcast Date[1] Episode Title Synopsis
1 1992-01-10 “How It All Began” To be added.
2 1992-01-17 “A Nome’s Welcome” To be added.
3 1992-01-24 “The Store in Danger” To be added.
4 1992-01-31 “Meet the Abbott” To be added.
5 1992-02-07 “The Abbott’s Concerns” To be added.
6 1992-02-14 “The Hall of the Manager” To be added.
7 1992-02-21 “Maskin’s Plan” To be added.
8 1992-02-28 “Working Together” To be added.
9 1992-03-06 “The Hostage Situation” To be added.
10 1992-03-13 “Searching the Store” To be added.
11 1992-03-20 “Angalo’s Return” To be added.
12 1992-03-27 “The Great Escape” To be added.
13 1992-04-03 “So Near and Yet So Far” To be added.

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  1. This is the original broadcast date on ITV.