La Universidad Invisible

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La Universidad Invisible
Hosted byEnric Garriga
Audio formatmp3
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes15
Original release1 February 2016 – 14 August 2017
Related showsTots al Blitz!

Publisher Description

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Further Information


  • A general Discworld podcast which after the first four episodes includes other fantasy and science fiction as well. Each episode is described as a “lesson” at Unseen University, but with broad themes like gods, the end of the world, music in fantasy or (sigh) “women”.
  • The podcast was released in seasons; the first had ten episodes, and the second stopped after five.
  • Episodes vary in length between an hour and two hours.


  • The title is the name of Unseen University in Spanish. It directly translates to “The Invisible University”, so perhaps the invisible college joke doesn’t work as well in Spanish.
  • The show has the subtitle “Tu podcast de fantasía y ciencia ficción”, or “Your fantasy and science fiction podcast”.
  • In some directories every episode is listed twice.



The table below indexes episodes of this podcast. They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme as well as an overall episode number for easy reference.

# S E Episode Date Guest[1] Topic[2] Episode link
1 1 1 “La Universidad Invisible 1x01” 2016-02-01 An introduction to the Discworld. iVoox
2 1 2 “La Universidad Invisible 1x02” 2016-02-15 Manu Viciano Translations of the Discworld, and where to start iVoox
3 1 3 “La Universidad Invisible 1x03” 2016-02-29 Los dragones del castillo Monstruoso, La corona del pastor, Science of Discworld and cover artists iVoox
4 1 4 “La Universidad Invisible 1x04” 2016-03-14 A “batiburrillo” (hodge-podge) of Discworld news, games and merchandise iVoox
5 1 5 “La Universidad Invisible 1x05” 2016-04-11 Viking and Nordic-inspired fantasy iVoox
6 1 6 “La Universidad Invisible 1x06” 2016-05-05 Other fantasy fiction iVoox
7 1 7 “La Universidad Invisible 1x07” 2016-05-23 Jordi Balcells Pratchett's other books; also Neil Gaiman's work iVoox
8 1 8 “La Universidad Invisible 1x08” 2016-06-06 The gods of Discworld and other fantasy iVoox
9 1 9 “La Universidad Invisible 1x09” 2016-06-28 Fantasy police iVoox
10 1 10 “La Universidad Invisible 1x10” 2016-08-05 Fantasy tyranny iVoox
11 2 1 “La Universidad Invisible 2x01” 2016-11-17 Fantasy heroes iVoox
12 2 2 “La Universidad Invisible 2x02” 2016-12-07 Marina Vidal Space fantasy and science fiction iVoox
13 2 3 “La Universidad Invisible 2x03” 2017-02-21 Elisenda Castillón and Jordi Balcells Women[3] iVoox
14 2 4 “La Universidad Invisible 2x04” 2017-06-08 Sergi Vicina Character deaths iVoox
15 2 5 “La Universidad Invisible 2x05” 2017-08-14 Jaime Altozano Fantasy and music iVoox


  1. To be added.
  2. Based on machine translations of episode descriptions. Please correct us if we’re wrong!
  3. Described as “un tema escabroso” of “¡las temibles mujeres!”, or the “tricky topic”/“sticky subject” of “the fearsome women”.