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Alistair "Al" Kennedy (he/him) is a Scottish podcaster best known for comic book commentary and review. He is the host of Desert Island Discworld. Not to be confused with the author AL Kennedy.

Podcast episodes

As host

See: Desert Island Discworld.

Al also hosts podcasts not listed in this wiki:

  • House to Astonish - a fortnight comics podcast, focussed on Marvel Comics
    • The Lightning Round - a sub-series of House to Astonish in which the hosts re-read the entire run of Thunderbolts, a Marvel comic about a superhero team of reformed villains and other anti-heroes
  • Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men - a long-running podcast recapping the X-Men comics, usually hosted by Jay Edidin and Miles Stokes. Al filled in for Jay in episodes 396 and 397 in January 2023.

As guest

No guest appearances...yet.

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