Wallowing in the Shallows

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Wallowing in the Shallows
Wallowing in the Shallows logo
Hosted byRebecca and Tori
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8 (as of 26 September 2023)
Original release8 September 2023 – present

Publisher Description

Welcome to Wallowing in the Shallows, the podcast that skirts the perilous drop-off of a deep dive into television and movies. We are two friends and academic nerds aspiring to become tv and movie geeks. We draw on our opinions and research to review television and movies, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Good Omens. We are in it for the fun and hope you will join us in the same spirit. Wallowing in the Shallows can be reached at witstvpod@gmail.com. New Episodes on Thursdays.

Further Information


To be added.


  • Was originally to be titled "Shallow Dive", but the name was changed in between recording and releasing the first episode.
  • Started with Good Omens, but was always going to be about multiple TV shows. Just before they finished Good Omens season 2, they began to discuss the second season of Loki.


  • Rebecca -
  • Tori -


The table below indexes episodes of this podcast with Terry Pratchett related content. They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme.

# Episode Title Date Book/Subject External link
1 “WITS chats Good Omens S1E1” 2023-09-08 Good Omens - "In the Beginning" captivate.fm (mp3)
2 “WITS chats Good Omens S1E2” 2023-09-09 Good Omens - "The Book" captivate.fm (mp3)
3 “WITS chats Good Omens S1E3” 2023-09-10 Good Omens - "Hard Times" captivate.fm (mp3)
4 “WITS chats Good Omens S1E4” 2023-09-11 Good Omens - "Saturday Morning Funtimes" captivate.fm (mp3)
5 “WITS chats Good Omens S1E5” 2023-09-12 Good Omens - "The Doomsday Option" captivate.fm (mp3)
6 “WITS chats Good Omens S1E6” 2023-09-13 Good Omens - "The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives" captivate.fm (mp3)
7 “WITS chats Good Omens S2E1” 2023-09-14 Good Omens - "The Arrival" captivate.fm (mp3)
8 “WITS chats Good Omens S2E2” 2023-09-21 Good Omens - "The Clue" captivate.fm (mp3)
9 “WITS chats Good Omens S2E3” 2023-09-28 Good Omens - "I Know Where I'm Going" captivate.fm (mp3)
10 “WITS chats Good Omens S2E4” 2023-10-05 Good Omens - "The Hitchhiker" captivate.fm (mp3)
12 “WITS chats Good Omens S2E5” 2023-10-12 Good Omens - "The Ball" captivate.fm (mp3)
14 “WITS chats Good Omens S2E6 Part I” 2023-10-19 Good Omens - “Every Day” captivate.fm (mp3)
15 "WITS chats Good Omens S2E6 Part II | Credits” 2023-10-19 Good Omens - Credits sequence captivate.fm (mp3)