Trash or Treasure?

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Trash or Treasure?
Trash or Treasure? logo
Hosted byKim and Aimee
No. of seasons6
No. of episodes149 (as of October 2023)
Original release29 November 2020 – present

Publisher Description

Love romance novels and looking for your next read, but don't have time to waste on terrible books? Let us do the pre-read for you! Kim and Aimee have got your backs! Two girls who read way too many novels, often romance novels, talk about what they love, what they like and what they can't stand about what they've read each week. SPOILER FREE recommendations to make choosing your next read that much easier! Episodes released weekly, Sundays at noon (GMT +10), in time for a peaceful cup of tea while you choose your afternoon read. You can contact us via Twitter @or_treasure or email

Further Information


  • While mostly about romance books (the show's subtitle is “Find your next (most likely romantic) read!”), they do recommend other books.
  • Short episodes, usually around 15-20 minutes long.
  • Kim introduces the podcast and gives a short account of the premise, sometimes alternating with Aimee; then Aimee says who would like it, and why, “usually with a lot of caveats”, before asking Kim whether she would recommend it.


  • Define “treasures” as books you will probably re-read, and own multiple copies of to lend to others.
  • “Trash” books are still a good read, but probably not ones you will want to read again.


  • Kim - has a teaching background, long-time Pratchett fan
  • Aimee - would love the podcast to be more analytical, but restrains herself to remain spoiler free
  • Mike - Aimee’s husband, who fills in on episode 147 when Aimee has laryngitis


The table below indexes episodes of this podcast which focus on the Discworld or other works by Pratchett. They are listed by default in release order, using the podcast’s own numbering. (Note that while the show does use seasons, it does not restart episode numbering at the beginning of each season.)

# S Episode Title Date Book/Subject External link DW#
100 5 “Terry Pratchett’s ‘Monstrous Regiment’” 2022-12-04 Monstrous Regiment 31
140 6 “Terry Pratchett’s ‘Equal Rites’” 2023-09-10 Equal Rites 3
147 6 “Terry Pratchett’s ‘Reaper Man’” 2023-10-04 Reaper Man 11