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Tamsyn Muir is a New Zealand author whose debut series of sci-fi/fantasy novels, The Locked Tomb, has been a big success. It has a wry, modern and dark sense of humour which, while not very Pratchett like, has drawn some Pratchett fans to her work.


Muir has also published many short stories, but we've restricted ourselves to novels and novellas for our list. You can find a more complete bibliography in Muir's Wikipedia entry.

Title Publication Date Series Series # Wikipedia link Notes
Gideon the Ninth 2019-09-10 The Locked Tomb 1 Gideon the Ninth Winner of the Locus Award for Best First Novel
Harrow the Ninth 2020-08-04 The Locked Tomb 2 Harrow the Ninth
Nona the Ninth 2022-09-13 The Locked Tomb 3 Nona the Ninth Expanded from what was originally planned to be the first part of Alecto the Ninth
Alecto the Ninth 2023 or 2024 The Locked Tomb 4 Final volume in the The Locked Tomb series.
Princess Floralinda and the Forty-Flight Tower 2020-11-30 Fantasy novella
Go Marching In TBC TBC 1 First of a new "cyberpunk Western" trilogy.


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Podcast episodes

Muir doesn't host any podcasts, but has appeared on many. We’ll collect a few of the most relevant ones here.

As guest

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