Cohen the Barbarian

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Genghiz Cohen, better known as Cohen the Barbarian, is major supporting character in the Discworld books. A famed barbarian hero in the mould of Conan, he has survived to old age and seen the world change considerably from the simpler times of his youth - not always, to his mind, for the better. He has several encounters with Rincewind the "wizzard", whom he more-or-less considers a friend. He also has a group of similarly aged old heroes, the "Silver Horde",


Cohen appears in three of the Rincewind novels, as well as one short story:

In addition Cohen's daughter, Conina, and Nijel, a young man trying to follow in his footsteps, appear in Sourcery.


Cohen appears in the adaptation of Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic, played by David Bradley. The short story “Troll Bridge” was adapted by Snowgum Films as Troll Bridge. Cohen was played by Don Bridges.

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