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The Pratchett Podcast
Hosted byGraeme Sheridan, Rhys Parton
Audio formatmp3
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes61
Original release24 October 2011 – 3 October 2018;

Publisher Description

The Diskworld Reviewed and Taken under the Loop.

Further Information

The Pratchett Podcast is no longer available in its entirety. The final thirty episodes can be found in podcast directories and at the talkshoe site; the original WordPress blog has posts for the first fifteen episodes, but the episodes themselves no longer seem available. The ones in between seem lost to time.


  • Early episodes are mostly reviews of adaptations and novels, though sometimes one of the hosts is a book behind and submits their thoughts about it the subsequent month.
  • Later episodes still feature reviews, accompanied by a reading if it's a book, but also several recurring segments:
    • "Ankh-Morpork Times" - a round-up of current Discworld and Pratchett-related news
    • "New Members of the Watch" - in which host Graeme reads out the names of new members of The Pratchett Podcast Facebook group
    • "Clacks" - a letters segment in which the hosts read out emails and other messages sent in by listeners; sometimes known as "Colin's Clacks", as the main and often only correspondent is Colin, who sends in sometimes lengthy reviews of his own.
    • "Fool's Guild" - reviews of Pratchett and Discworld-related entertainment, including play productions, musical albums and more
    • "Small Gods Cemetery"


  • The proto-Discworld readthrough podcast, in that the reviews of the books often take up less than half of the show's run time. (For this reason episodes will be listed in the "Other appearances" section for each book.)
  • The Pratchett Podcast Facebook group still exists (as of June 2022), and has close to 1,000 members. You'll need to be approved by one of the moderators to join.
  • The podcast makes liberal use of copyrighted material, including excerpts from albums, radio broadcasts and audio from television episodes being discussed or referenced. While this might get a podcast shut down these days, no-one seems to have noticed (or perhaps minded) in the older episodes, and this makes it a good resource for finding audio from the time. See especially the Terry Pratchett tribute episodes.


  • Graeme Sheridan - creator of The Professor How Parody Podcast, a Doctor podcast.[1] Host of the show all the way to its last episode.
  • Rhys Parton - host of the Who is the Man podcast, also about Doctor Who.[1] Co-host of the early episodes; only a very infrequent contributor from around episode 33 onwards.


The table below indexes full episodes of this podcast (not including trailers and previews). They are listed by default in release order, and use the podcast's own numbering scheme.

# Episode Date Review/Topic Episode link S#[2]
1 TPP 01 2011-10-24 None (introductory episode) Wordpress
2 TPP 02 2011-11-20 Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic Wordpress
3 TPP 03 2011-12-27 Terry Pratchett's Hogfather Wordpress
4 TPP 04 2012-01-24 Going Postal Wordpress
5 TPP 05 2012-02-27 Wyrd Sisters Wordpress
6 TPP 06 2012-06-08 Soul Music Wordpress
7 TPP 07 2012-06-08 The Colour of Magic Wordpress 1
7a TPP 08 2012-06-08 The Light Fantastic Wordpress 2
9 TPP 09 2012-07-08 Equal Rites Wordpress 3
10 TPP 10 2012-08-05 Mort Wordpress 4
11 TPP 11 2012-09-05 Sourcery; Mort Wordpress 5
12 TPP 12 2012-10-09 The Carpet People Wordpress
12a TPP 13 2012-11-06 Wyrd Sisters Wordpress 6
14 TPP 14 2012-12-18 Pyramids; Wyrd Sisters Wordpress 7
15 TPP 15 2013-03-24 Guards! Guards! Wordpress 8
No information available for episodes 16 to 32.
33 TPP 33 2015-02-03 Jingo Talkshoe 21
- TPP Tribute 2015-03-22 A tribute to Terry Pratchett[3] Talkshoe
34 TPP 34 2015-04-20 Tributes from Rhys and Peta Talkshoe
35 TPP 35 2015-05-19 Carpe Jugulum; Wintersmith (Steeleye Span album) Talkshoe 23
36 TPP 36 2015-06-22 The Fifth Elephant Talkshoe 24
37 TPP 37 2015-09-07 Truckers Talkshoe B1
38 TPP 38 2015-10-12 The Science of Discworld Talkshoe
39 TPP 39 2015-11-30 The Unadulterated Cat Talkshoe
40 TPP 40 2016-02-01 The Truth Talkshoe 25
41 TPP 41 2016-03-07 Diggers Talkshoe B2
42 TPP 42 2016-04-17 Good Omens; Good Omens Talkshoe
43 TPP 43 2016-05-31 Wings Talkshoe B3
44 TPP 44 2016-06-30 Thief of Time Talkshoe 26
45 TPP 45 2016-09-01 Only You Can Save Mankind Talkshoe J1
46 TPP 46 2016-10-01 The Last Hero Talkshoe 27
47 TPP 47 2016-11-02 Johnny and the Dead[4] Talkshoe J2
48 TPP 48 2016-12-01 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Talkshoe 28
49 TPP 49 2017-02-02 Johnny and the Bomb Talkshoe J3
50 TPP 50 2017-03-28 Night Watch Talkshoe 29
51 TPP 51 2017-05-05 Rivers of London series (1/2) Talkshoe
52 TPP 52 2017-06-22 The Science of Discworld II: The Globe Talkshoe
53 TPP 53 2017-10-12 The Wee Free Men Talkshoe 30
54 TPP 54 2017-10-12 The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch Talkshoe
55 TPP 55 2017-12-05 Monstrous Regiment Talkshoe 31
56 TPP 56 2018-01-27 Rivers of London series (2/2) Talkshoe
57 TPP 57 2018-03-05 Nation Talkshoe
58 TPP 58 2018-04-12 A Hat Full of Sky Talkshoe 32
59 TPP 59 2018-05-19 Dodger Talkshoe
60 TPP 60 2018-08-01 Unseen Acadmicals (Audible Original) Talkshoe
61 TPP 61 2018-10-04 Going Postal Talkshoe 33


  1. 1.0 1.1 As described in the introductory post on the podcast's original WordPress site. The links to the other podcasts are sadly dead.
  2. Sort by this column to get episodes in series publication order. Discworld books have just a number. Other series have a letter prefix: "B" for the Bromeliad and "J" for Johnny Maxwell.
  3. Includes clips from various radio programs memorialising Terry in the week or so after his death.
  4. The episode description is mistakenly copied from the previous episode and says this episode's review is The Last Hero, but it's Johnny and the Dead.