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This is the master list of Terry Pratchett, Discworld and Good Omens podcasts for this wiki. "Pratchett-ish" podcasts are in a separate table at the bottom of this page. We're also working on some lists of other podcasts with episodes about these topics, and all the podcasts with their own articles here will appear in the Podcasts category.

The table is sortable; the default order is active and complete podcasts by launch date, then inactive or unavailable ones, also by launch date.

Podcast Launch date[1] Status[2] Abbr.[3] Official website Area of interest
Radio Morpork 2015-08-10 Complete RMP Discworld novels
Pratchat 2017-10-08 Active PC Every Pratchett book, plus other works
The Death of Podcasts 2018-11-14 Complete DOP Discworld novels
Wyrd Sisters 2019-01-28 Complete WSP Discworld and some other novels
The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret 2019-11-04 Active MYF Discworld novels, adaptations, and other Pratchett works
Desert Island Discworld 2019-11-24 Active DID Discworld and other Pratchett books
The Compleat Discography 2020-01-13 Active TCD Discworld novels
Who Watches the Watch 2020-05-05 Active WWTW The Watch and Discworld novels
The Disc-Course 2020-07-01 Active TDC Discworld novels
Disc Coverers 2020-11-29 Active DCP Discworld novels
Unseen Academicals 2021-04-04 Active UAP[4] Discworld novels; academic angle
Nanny Ogg's Book Club 2021-09-19 Active NOBC Discworld novels
I’ve Never Read Discworld 2022-09-18 Active NRD Discworld novels
The Turtle Reads 2022-12-09 Active TTR Discworld novels
The Turtle Moves 2008[5] Unavailable TTM Discworld lore
The Pratchett Podcast 2011-10-24 Inactive[6] TPP N/A (see entry) Pratchett/Discworld reviews and news
Ankh-Morpork Public Radio 2016-09-21 Unavailable AMPR Discworld novels
Welcome to the End Times 2019-03-31 Inactive WTTET Good Omens and Good Omens (season 1)
Tales From the Drum[7] 2019-04-19 Unavailable TFTD Discworld lore
The Fangirl Zone: Good Omens 2019-05-15 Inactive GOFZ Good Omens (season 1)
Good Omens Podcast 2019-05-23 Inactive GOTPI Good Omens (season 1)
The Good Omens Podcast 2019-06-04 Inactive GOAB Good Omens (season 1)
Good Omens Recap 2019-06-26 Unavailable GORF[8] Good Omens (season 1)
And he said to me 2019-12-22 Unavailable AHSTM Personal stories of Pratchett
Pterry Ptalk 2021-01-03 Inactive PP Discworld novels and adaptations
Ook! 2021-04-11 Inactive O! Discworld novels
Klatschianischer Kaffee 2021-11-20 Inactive KK Discworld lore; in German
Pterrylog 2021-12-06 Unavailable PL Total verhext (Witches Abroad) audiobook; in German
Hubward Bound 2022-05-13 Inactive HB Discworld novels

Pratchett-ish Podcasts

These podcasts contain a significant amount of Pratchett content, but are more broadly themed. Most are general book podcasts which feature the Discworld novels amongst many others.

Podcast Launch date[1] Status[2] Abbr.[3] Official website Area of interest
Stuck on Arrakis 2018-09-16[9] Active SOA Intimidating sci-fi and fantasy series
Fiction Fans 2021-02-03 Active FF General fiction; includes a regular Discworld segment
Beyond the Bindings 2021-03-17 Active BTB General fiction, with lots of fantasy
Books Are Magical 2022-09-05[10] Active BAM General fiction; focus on books that can “make us better humans”
Teaching My Cat to Read 2020-09-06 Inactive TMC General fiction; mostly classics and modern fantasy
Wikid Lizardz[11] 2021-04-24 Inactive WL Single episode, a biography of Terry Pratchett

Podcast Status

We try to update the status of the podcasts regularly; check the footnote on each table to see when it was last updated.

Here's an explanation of what our statuses mean:

  • "Active" means the podcast is in production and new episodes are being produced.
  • "Complete" indicates the podcast has achieved its specific goal (e.g. discussing every Discworld book) or otherwise officially ended.
  • "Inactive" means the podcast is not currently in production. Podcasts do sometimes return from long hiatuses, but longer than six months is rare.
  • "Unavailable" means the podcast's episodes are no longer available from a public RSS feed or other accessible source.


  1. 1.0 1.1 We use the original publication date of the first episode, not including trailers. Most podcasts have an introductory "episode zero"; those count!
  2. 2.0 2.1 As of January 2022.
  3. 3.0 3.1 A template with this abbreviated name has been set up to allow for quickly linking to this podcast. Type the acronym in braces, e.g. {{RMP}} will produce Radio Morpork. For more details, see Template:BookShortcut.
  4. Switched from Sounder to Anchor in early 2023.
  5. It's difficult to date The Turtle Moves episodes, but 2008 is probably accurate, making it a pretty early podcast. See the show's page for more.
  6. Only the last thirty or so episodes are still available.
  7. Previously known as The Discworld Portal and a a variety of other names.
  8. The website no longer exists, though the URL does point to a placeholder page.
  9. Note that Stuck on Arrakis didn't start reading the Discworld books until season two, which began on 7 October 2020.
  10. The listed date is a year earlier, but this seems to be an error based on the dates of all other episodes.
  11. Appears in podcast directories as just "Terry Pratchett", but identifies itself as Wikid Lizardz.