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Welcome to the Guild of Recappers & Podcasters!

This wiki is intended to be a central index of information about podcasts[1] discussing the works of Terry Pratchett. Let us know if we're missing one!

For annotations and information about those works, see the L-Space wiki, where the basic index started out life on the Podcasts page.

To reduce moderation overhead, and to keep the project within scope, the wiki is currently only editable by approved users. If you make a Pratchett podcast or otherwise want to help keep the wiki up to date, request an account!

Pages to start with

Currently working on...

We're slowly adding blurbs and cover images to the book pages, to give a bit more context for new readers using this wiki.

We're also changing the way we represent episodes of podcasts that use book titles as episode titles. Instead of using an abbreviation - like "TCD 33" for The Compleat Discography episode 33, about Monstrous Regiment - we're going to use the title as presented, but link to an article which has the podcast abbreviation in brackets - e.g. Monstrous Regiment. The book shortcut template has been updated to make this easy, and we're working on updating existing listings. If we decide not to go ahead with articles for individual episodes (which seems likely given the amount of work that would be), these will be easily replaced with just the name of the book. Note that for podcasts which don't use episode titles at all, like The Pratchett Podcast, we'll still use the abbreviation format.

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  1. A podcast is an episodic audio or video program published on the web and indexed by an RSS feed. We might also add other recap or discussion formats like YouTube channels, blogs and so on. Get in touch if you want to be included!