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! L-Space wiki link
! L-Space wiki link
| {{TMOTP}} || [[Marc Burrows]] || 2020-10-19 || [[Biography]] || || TMOTP || {{TMOTP|ls}}
| {{TMOTP}} || [[Marc Burrows]] || 2020-10-19 || [[Biography]] || TMOTP || {{TMOTP|ls}}
| {{ALIF}} || [[Rob Wilkins]] || 2022-09-29 || [[Biography]] || || ALIF || {{ALIF|ls}}
| {{ALIF}} || [[Rob Wilkins]] || 2022-09-29 || [[Biography]] || ALIF || {{ALIF|ls}}

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This is the list of books written by authors other than Terry Pratchett which have been given major coverage by the podcasts listed in this wiki. For a list of Pratchett's works, see the lists of Discworld and non-Discworld books. (Co-authored books by Pratchett will appear in those lists, not here.)


This particularly includes books about Terry Pratchett or the Discworld. See also the Non-fiction page.

Title Author Publication Date Category Abbr.[1] L-Space wiki link
The Magic of Terry Pratchett Marc Burrows 2020-10-19 Biography TMOTP The Magic of Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes Rob Wilkins 2022-09-29 Biography ALIF Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes


These include the work of other authors enjoyed by podcast hosts, and work written by podcast hosts and guests (if featured on a podcast).

Title Author Publication Date Series Series # Abbr.[1] Wikipedia link
Gideon the Ninth Tamsyn Muir 2019-09-10 The Locked Tomb 1 Gideon the Ninth
Harrow the Ninth Tamsyn Muir 2020-08-04 The Locked Tomb 2 Harrow the Ninth


  1. 1.0 1.1 Books that are likely to appear multiple times may have a template set up using this abbreviation to make linking to them easier. Type the acronym in braces, e.g. {{RM}} will produce Reaper Man. These shortcuts may also link to external articles by supplying a further parameter; for example {{RM|ls}} produces a link to the L-Space wiki article, like this: Reaper Man. (See Template:BookShortcut for more info.) Note that shortcuts for Pratchett's works and for podcasts are given precedence over books by other authors where they might conflict.